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  1. Same... Estimated time* until case decision: approx. 10 months
  2. This will make everyone feel better... 😌 Estimated time* until case decision: approx. 12 months
  3. I filed in November 2021 - Biometric interview Dec 2021 but had to reschedule - Feb 2021. Waiting for interview date...
  4. Just answering my own question for people who may be looking in the future. The appointment was 2 months later than the original one. It took 4 or 5 weeks for them to reach back out to me and I was expecting a call but they actually just sent an email and the letter with the new date.
  5. I received the letter immediately. Not sure if there is a way for you to follow up. I had to reschedule my appointment and after that it took 3-4 weeks for them to reschedule and send the letter. I'm in Nashville area though so I'm not sure if it's less busy than where you are.
  6. First off Congratulations! I'm just curious about the reading and writing tests? What is this about? Are we expected to read and write? And are there questions as well similar to the civics test? Thanks!
  7. Did anyone have to reschedule their biometrics? And if so, how long did it take to get a new appointment?
  8. No experience with that but I requested a reschedule and it's been 3 weeks and I haven't heard back. So if you feel fine might be worth going otherwise you might be waiting a long time to get a new appointment. Anyone has any idea what's the usual time to get a new appointment?
  9. Congrats to those that have their interview and acceptance! Anyone has any experience with rescheduling biometrics? Mine was scheduled on the 29th of december, I called on the 28th to reschedule and I'm still waiting... Thanks!
  10. I got a biometric appointment but had to reschedule because I was sick. Still waiting on a call back for the rescheduling. Good luck for those that have the interviews scheduled!
  11. I received by mail the notice for my biometrics appointment. Is that what you mean? Or are you still waiting to hear about next steps?
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