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  1. that was another case for my sister , i asked for the above case now , thank you
  2. thanks for the reply , so just have to wait for this coronavirus pandemic to finish then book a ticket prayers to all the world to be safe during this hard moment.
  3. Hi VJ hope ya all safe , 67F Green card holder (Valid) planning to return to the US next week ( turning 11 months abroad by today ) and due to whats going on worldwide and the US lockdown also the affraid of coronavirus No flights and travel allowance because of it. -- What to do in this case ? wait until things get safer or should fill and obtian any online form ? is there any Exceptions if traveling after the period of 1 year passed to the US without breaking or loosing permenant residence . since the US consulate and ambassy are closed , is there any selution for this big problem PS. NO Re-entry gruanted before leaving the US.
  4. Yes but u know my bro will not sponser me for immigration petition i130 form . This can takes years as you said. He is going to sponser me with nonimmigration i134 form . Am not intend to live illigaly in the US . I go for short stay ( few weeks ) and come back. In your openion which i appreciate it i can find out that there is no need for me to get a good job to increase my ties to italy . And my current ties being married and based to my husband's income are kinda strong enough. You make it clear enough for me can u please last advice on which way to take. Apply on my own and/or my bro sponser me to make a strong file to be submited to the US consulate.
  5. Thank you i think you got the point. But still wondering being having USC bro and LPR mother will reduce my chance of getting the B2 visa or not
  6. Yes thank you . U are right cos i have ties in both countries
  7. Yes i think i will need to have one but thats not easy especially at the moment.
  8. You think so ? Please tell me how can i up my chances . What you suggest to me to do in this case to avoid the visa to be denied. What about these ties : - Age - Married to an austerian for 5+ years - Legally residential in italy - Traveled 3 round trips from italy to morocco in the past 5 years. - Never seen my bro for 7+ years.
  9. The i-134 form made for sponsoring a relative and cover his/her traveling and staying costs for a specified short period of time etc... As i mentioned above i have no work no bank statment . So i think i will need financial assest. What do you think ?
  10. Hey all I am moroccan citizen (47F) married to austrian citizen for more than 5 years. I have my bro which is USC and i want to visit him for couple of weeks since we didnt meet for 7 years. The situation is : - my husband and I are living to italy - I got legally italian residence papers trough my husband - I dont work while my husband does. - he claimes me as independent on his tax returns . - I dont have bank account or any assest. - the house lease is under my husband's name . _________________ The inviter : Is my bro/sbilling he is USC since 2016 trough marriage and been to the US for 7 years now . Never go back morocco. he works full time job good income paying his taxes all good etc.... ________________________ my mother is LPR and she is morocco now for a visit willing to go back to the US and stay there. ( She been to the US for about one year) her LPR status trough her son ( my bro ) -------------------- my Question is : Would you advice me to apply for the B2 visa on my own or should my bro send me invitation letter or file i-134 form for me . whats my chance of getting the visitor visa each case . PS: I am traveling alone in case i getthe visa. any other advices please to be considered. thank you .
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