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  1. My oath ceremony has been re-scheduled for June 25th at the USCIS Field Office, Irving TX. Oath ceremony was previously scheduled for March 18 but canceled due to Covid-19. The journey is almost over. Goodluck to you all🙂
  2. What time was your oath ceremony supposed to be on March 18th? Mine was 10.30am March 18th before the cancellation. I'm trying to get a feel for how they are re-scheduling it
  3. I filed in Dallas TX on July 29,2019 with pending I-751. This morning I got a notice that my interview has been scheduled although it’s not yet in the Documents Tab online. I’m very excited. Almost there
  4. Marriage certificate Expired permanent resident card with extension letter Spouse's birth certificate Spouse US passport IRS tax transcripts(2016,2017 and 2018) Joint car insurance Joint health insurance Joint bank account statement- one month from each year (2016,2017,2018 and 2019) Joint apartment lease (i only sent the most current lease) Joint credit cards 401K showing my spouse as beneficiary Labelled Collage of pictures from 2016 till date Driver's license of my spouse and I
  5. I filed online so i paid with my Debit card. Yeah it's crazy how both websites don't communicate with each other but oh well... I'm glad you go it done.
  6. This is from https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do You will need to create an account as well if you want to see the case history if not you will only be able to see the status of your case.
  7. My I-751 case has been in the Texas Service Center Since August 14, 2018 (SRC). Biometrics waived February 27,2019. I didn't hear anything from them since so i applied for N-400 online as soon as i became eligible on July 29 ,2019 Now my case has been transferred to a new office but it seems that they completed another biometrics review before transferring it according to the case history. I hope it's a good thing. I will keep y'all updated
  8. Filed July 29, 2019 under the 3-year rule with Pending I-751, Dallas TX office. Estimated completion October 2020 (15 months). No biometrics appointment yet. Now the wait begins🙏
  9. I think this should be a good reason to file N-400 when you become eligible if that's the end goal USCIS Aims to Decrease Processing Times for N-400 and I-485 USCIS will implement a national strategy to decrease differences in processing times based on location for Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, and Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Since the end of 2015, we have experienced an increase in processing times due to higher than expected volumes received during fiscal years (FY) 2016 and 2017 that did not decrease as originally projected. FY 2017 receipts were up 15.6% from FY 2016, and FY 2016 receipts were up 25.5% from FY 2015. The increased filing volumes did not affect our field offices equally, which resulted in some disparity in the processing times among field offices. As we shift caseloads between field offices to decrease processing times, we may schedule applicants to appear for an interview at a field office outside of their normal jurisdiction. Applicants may receive an interview appointment notice or other types of notices (such as a Request for Evidence) from a field office outside of their normal jurisdiction. However, these caseload changes will not affect where applicants attend their biometrics appointments. We will still direct them to the nearest application support center. Applicants should follow the instructions on any notices they receive from USCIS. USCIS remains committed to adjudicating applications, petitions, and requests for immigration benefits as effectively and efficiently as possible in accordance with all applicable laws, policies, and regulations while securing the integrity of the immigration system. If you have questions about an appointment notice we send you, you may contact the USCIS Contact Center.
  10. Its worth the shot. Yes N-400 applications are processed and approved at your local office (Dallas, TX). If you know people it has worked for i would say go for it.
  11. Well you won't get approved in December if you apply for N-400. Applying for citizenship will trigger a combo adjudication that means your N-400 and I-751 will go to the back of the line for citizenship. And we know Dallas, TX takes forever. Apply for citizenship if you are comfortable with waiting that long and getting stamps on your passport every 3-6 months to prove residency while you wait.
  12. Hey guys, I don't know if this makes sense to try but after i got the status update that my biometrics will be reused, i placed an e-request for an "approval notice i did not receive". On March 7, 2019 it says that my request has been assigned to an officer for response. This is just an experiment. I'm hoping the officer opens my case and actually adjudicates, issue an RFE or something. It's probably a crazy move and will never work but i thought i should share to y'all if you are that brave. My case is at TSC.
  13. If you say so. I'm tracking Case numbers that have been sitting at "Fingerprint Review complete" for 5 months.
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