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  1. Mine did, too, and I submitted the forms like that. Had no issue. Extension letter already received.
  2. You can update your VJ timeline so you can also search for others whose timelines are similar to yours. 🙂
  3. DON’T. If your application is received before 01/24, they are just going to return it to you.
  4. Wow! That was fast! I only got a text today. My case will be handled by Nebraska SC. How about yours?
  5. My case was received on 01/06. I have read many positive feedbacks on Nebraska SC’s processing speed. I hope it doesn’t slow down. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  6. Received text notification today. Case was received on 01/06, Nebraska SC. Check was cashed today as well. I did’t receive an email notification though. I checked the form to see if my email is correct and it is. I checked the Spam folder, nothing. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I’m relieved just the same.
  7. Wow. Texas works fast in sending receipt notifications. I sent mine to AZ and it was delivered on 1/6, but no update yet.
  8. Hi! Did you send your package to AZ or TX? Also, when was it delivered? Thank you.
  9. USPS tracking shows my package was delivered on Monday, Jan. 6th. I’m hoping to get an update any day next week. 🙏🏼
  10. Has this been merged with the other Jan 2020 filers thread?
  11. Hello, it’s me again. I’m sorry to be posting like crazy lately. Please, I just need to know what to do with this part of the form. I am using Adobe Acrobat to fill out the form and I noticed that the box in the “Acknowledgement of Appointment at USCIS...” is automatically filled out. Say, the name entered on Page 1 is Joan Shane Smith, the box is then automatically filled out (J.S. Smith). It cannot be edited or deleted. May I know what you did with this part? Should I leave it as it is? Or should I just handwritten everything and write my complete name (or must it be my signature?) in the said box? Thank you.
  12. The “Acknowledgement of Appointment at USCIS...” segment, the first box cannot be edited. It automatically shows my initials; say, my name is Joan Shane Smith, the box then shows J.S Smith. Am I supposed to write my complete name instead?
  13. I’m sorry to piggyback on this post. But I’ve just downloaded the tax return transcripts and our names and address are masked. They, however, show “Married Filing Jointly” status. Are they okay? Or should I request unmasked transcripts? Thank you.
  14. Hi. If I may ask, what were the documents you initially submitted? After RFE, what were the other documents? Thank you.
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