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    We met online.... yes I know, you are thinking she wants into the US and doesn't care how, well I had my suspicions too, but as I emailed her, she stated things that felt true. After 6 months of emails every day, I asked if she would show me her China. I had never been out of the US.... I don't count Canada.... I had a passport with no country stamps. I thought why not, I had a interpreter. So I went to Nanning, GuangXi, China. A very far cry from Wyoming, my home state.
    She greeted me at the airport, sha was very pretty in person. I arrived at night, so we had dinner and she went home. The next day she was at my hotel room, at 9. we spent the whole day togther and the next ten there after. Some where in that time I learned that she was a beautiful person inside and out. To use a California term, she was into me. There was no pretense, this girl knew what she wanted and it was a life with me. We shared many of the same views and principals. I know it seems strange, but I went 8,000 miles to find a girl that was very similar to the way I thought, acted, felt about life, marriage and family. You could have knocked me over with a feather.
    So I thought to myself, this one is a keeper, so I proposed her and she accepted and then the K-1 Visa saga started.
    It has not taken that long to get the Embassy stage, it has stalled there and with no end inthe near future. So I plan another trip to China, to see the woman in my life and to tour South China.... oh well at least I have an interpreter.

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