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    February 6, 2005: Michael finds Alice on Livejournal.March 24, 2005: Michael contacts Alice on AIM for the first time.June 9, 2005: They meet in person for the first time in London.November 12, 2005: They become an official couple.March 11, 2006: Michael proposes to Alice on top of the Empire State Building.August 2006: Alice visits him in England.October 2006: Alice visits him again in England.February 2007: Alice visits him in England, and they both return to New York to help her move into her new apartment.April 2007: Michael visits Alice in New York.June 2007: Michael visits Alice again in New York.September 2007: Michael visits Alice in New York and they start the application together.

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  1. He said that the only red flag he could possibly think of was that they were uneasy about him being unemployed. But I make enough money to take care of both of us comfortably, and he has not been able to look for a job this year because he'd been taking care of my grandmother in the hospital/nursing home.
  2. Hey everyone, my husband (from the UK) had his Naturalization interview (in NYC) and passed today! However, something weird happened. He said that he kept seeing people come out of their interview with their oath dates immediately. But when it came to him... "I wasn't given a date for my oath. I was told they'll run a background check and I'll receive something in the mail in a month. Which makes me uncomfortable because I saw other people receiving their oath dates." I always got the impression that the background check came *before* the interview. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know what's going on or why he might have been flagged for additional background check? Any thoughts would help, thanks!