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  1. Hello I hope you can see this. Do you have any update? Thanks. I also thought that they shouldn't have scheduled your interview if they are not done with your background check that's sucks
  2. This could happen to any of us 😞 my court house isn't doing oath ceremonies due to covid... people have been waiting for months...
  3. Hello I'm on the same boat. Any update? Thanks. Hope you'll see this
  4. Hello! I'm thinking to do the same thing but then don't want to make them mad and then have them reopen my case and deny me for some reason or send me an RFE just to make me regret lol. Should I call them or no?
  5. Hey all! Corpus resident here. Approved on 28th. Any idea when would the oath be? Should I call uscis to schedule it in San antonio? Thanks!
  6. I was put on paxil. It helps a lot. Before that I would sweat for no reason and feel like my inside is on fire. With the pills it's just worrying lol. Thanks!
  7. First I asked him if he wants the 2 years green card and said give that at your oath ceremony then he gave me the congratulations letter
  8. Oh so he could've thought there was an error on background check? Yeah I had 3 accidents since I came to state but cops have always fined the other driver knowing they were guilty. And I never speed since I'm afraid to be pulled over lol
  9. Hi all I passed my interview yesterday and status is showing I'm on line for oath ceremony. Now what gets me is that during the interview officer looked surprised and asked me twice if I don't have even a traffic ticket. I said no sir. Now it got me worried that what if he didn't have my background check? What if they make me wait for my oath ceremony until they get my background check? 😞 what do you all think? Thanks
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