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  1. It feels like I'm gonna be all alone by myself and waiting
  2. Whose transferred to Nebraska on jan23rd?
  3. March 2018 cases are getting approved!
  4. Jan 2018 cases are getting approvals
  5. I'm on the same boat. Jan 18 moved, jan 23rd moved, then jan 25 I got transfer mail in the mailbox saying Nebraska, called uscis and they said it's been moving back and forth which is highly common, that means they are looking to the case but Nebraska takes longer than CSC..... that upset me.. well gotta wait for the next mail..
  6. What are the days that you've moved?
  7. Anything for you? I got kind of bad news that my case transferred to Nebraska where wait time is like forever months. And most of the people are getting rfe
  8. I just looked up and the cases that moved to Nebraska are taking longer and they have huge amount of RFE... great.. everything is getting worse..
  9. Has anyone's case moved to Nebraska??
  10. Getting a letter in the mail. Sure thing it is not approval
  11. Is that cri89 or i751 case number?
  12. Are you checking on the cri-89 number or i751 number
  13. Only if I knew I'm gonna get approved without problem..
  14. Called uscis case update, automated message told me that case moved to California . I've already sent to California I'm so scared about this process. I've achieved a lot, can't lose it..