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  1. So if I get denied somehow (I don't see any reason but anything can happen) will I loose my green card and get deported?
  2. Oh yeah I can wait 2 more year instead of dealing with all the paperwork and put my wife into stress again. She already had enough of i751
  3. Hello everyone! Applied for i485 10/2015 Approved 2/2016 Applied for i751 11/2017 Approved 3/2019 So my question is about 3 year marriage rule(after getting 10 years green card not a combo one) If I apply for n400 do I need to send marriage evidence that I have kept copy of it before sending for i751? Or I need to send proof of different timeline? Or I don't need proof at all since my i751 was approved? During the interview will they interview citizen wife too for my n400? Thanks!
  4. Hopefully it won't get stuck like that like it happened to other people
  5. I won't be relaxed until I recieve that card.... has anyone's status changed to case was approved from new card is being produced? Or it just went directly to mailed
  6. Did your cri-89 status change? And how long did it take from card being produced until you got it?
  7. I know I was! Still worried until I get the card though lol. Will pray for those who are waiting
  8. Without any approval notification I got this. Is this a glitch or real? Cuz I can't believe!! Filed November 2017 Transferred to Nebraska jan 23 2019 And got this today
  9. How do you track those cases? Mine transferred on jan 23rd and I would like to see others
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