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    Met my husband while working in Canada in early 2014 on a NAFTA work permit. We moved in together and then got married. Now working on moving back to the states when my work permit expires.

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  1. Just in case you aren't aware, there's a specific military help line for USCIS. They will probably be more familiar with options and hopefully more sympathetic to your situation: https://www.uscis.gov/military/military-help-line
  2. You can certainly file a form to request it to be corrected for free. If I were you, I would not bother with the complexity of trying to correct a 1 day discrepancy. Just make sure you don't apply for citizenship 1 day too early.
  3. Definitely agree that you can get rid of all of the details of what you bought. Any evidence of joint property (car or house)? Or joint lease?
  4. If I were you, just to be on the safe side, I would file both. It never hurts to have a proper paper trail for these kinds of things.
  5. No US consequences; however, we were shocked how slow US mail is to Canada for express. We had to spend $50+ to get my partner's ballot to Ottawa in time.
  6. I'll point out that what you read here on VJ is not representative, there is selection bias. People that have trouble or need help are much more likely to post about it than people for whom it goes off without a hitch. Don't assume statistics based on just what you read on an online forum.
  7. Your jurisdiction will change with respect to your eligibility to apply for citizenship--you have to live in the state or district 3 months prior to submitting the application. As to your I-751, they won't forward it based on moving unless they plan to interview you.
  8. There's a difference of opinion on this site, but I would say it's leaning towards filing for citizenship when eligible. Unless you really want a 10 year green card first, it might only slow the process down a bit, or in some cases might speed it up. For us, citizenship is our final objective, so we plan to file when eligible and will use GC+extension letter or passport stamp in the meantime.
  9. I'll second that. I have a few friends that used more expensive lawyers for their immigration, and the lawyers actually made mistakes or slowed things down in ways that I knew to avoid.
  10. Maybe see if you can download new online statements. That will take care of any pesky notes written on the physical copies you have. But in any case, definitely don't recommend redacting anything.
  11. You can definitely change jobs while it is pending since you have legal presence, as indicated by the passport stamp. You may have to "educate" your HR staff as to what's going on--so it might be annoying, but is certainly doable.
  12. The visa is usually not an issue, as long as he can qualify under one of the enumerated NAFTA categories. If he doesn't fall under one of those, it might require a labour market opinion, which would definitely slow things down. OP, do you work, and if so, do you have the ability to obtain health coverage yourself? That would make this situation a lot less complicated. Otherwise, definitely worth pricing out what ACA coverage you could get out of pocket to compare to the housing difference.
  13. Rather detailed question. I (USC) have just accepted a job in Northern Virginia. My husband (PR) is eligible to apply for citizenship at the end of November; however, the requirements list that you must reside in the state or USCIS district for 3 months prior to submitting the N-400. OK--fine, this is going to delay us a bit. We might have temporary housing in northern Virginia before moving to the district. Does anyone know if the Washington District includes both Virginia and DC? Or is DC separate? On a side note, he'll be sad that he's unable to vote if we end up in DC proper.
  14. Yep, the NOA's are not nicely printed, but we've had no trouble at all with it. India itself will not care about his country of residence, just his country of citizenship for entry/exit. Don't worry about traveling.
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