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  1. You are not actually required to disclose this. The question of public charge is separate from the medical exam. The public charge determination is purely based on financial sponsorship. The medical exam is based on the questions that the panel physicians are required to ask and the list of diseases they are required to screen for. Unless specifically asked (because you shouldn't lie), I'd not bring it up.
  2. Actually you can claim her parents as dependents if you're supporting them. Here's a link to get you started: https://blog.turbotax.intuit.com/tax-deductions-and-credits-2/family/can-you-claim-a-parent-as-a-dependent-13842/
  3. Hopefully by the time the tax return is due, he'll have his SSN if the AOS has been approved. That is definitely the easiest course of action. For this foreign income it's really tricky with no proof. In general, you'll want to include his income and then exclude it under the foreign earned income exclusion. I don't know how one would include informal income from another country. You'll have to file either MFJ if you have an SSN or MFS if you don't have an SSN or ITIN.
  4. AstroCanada

    I-751 OCTOBER 2018

    The California Service Center has not scheduled biometrics for anyone applying since April. If your case is there, it will be way more than 2 weeks. Vermont is on top of it, Texas and Nebraska are somewhere in between.
  5. You got a letter for biometrics from California? Or is your service center in your profile out of date? To my knowledge, no one has had biometrics in a very long time from CA
  6. AstroCanada

    I-751 OCTOBER 2018

    Two quick notes....depending on the service center (anything other than Vermont), biometrics are moderately to extremely delayed. Also the fingerprints are only necessary if filing from abroad.
  7. There's some advice that's often given in travel forum by the abbreviation of HUACA: Hang Up And Call Again. When you get a person on the phone that doesn't know what they're talking about or don't want to help you, politely thank them, hang up, and call again. It's annoying and time-consuming, but often works (unless you awkwardly get the same rep again). I've never heard of a fee to send an NOA. Their request for the letter from the post office is Kafkaesque...they are never going to give you a letter telling you they didn't deliver something.
  8. AstroCanada

    Bank Statements Question

    One suggestion would be to use tax transcripts instead of tax returns. Not sure why you'd send in a partial return instead of the full thing. Do you have any leases? Joint financial liabilities or assets? Other joint insurances (car, renter's, etc)? Those are solid proofs. I actually didn't send my full bank statements, so hoping I don't get an RFE for just sending the first page of each. There's not really any way to see who is actually completing any of the transactions on them though, so I don't know what that would reveal.
  9. Read the forums, read the guide and try it yourself. I'd definitely save that $2,500 for something fun or in case of complications.
  10. AstroCanada

    K1 Visa Question regarding Roommate

    Just a note that he will have to file an affidavit of support to prove that he meets the minimum income standards. No one has suggested this yet, but why don't you point your roommate and fiancée to this website! The guides on here are a great starting point, and people are super helpful in the forums. I didn't do the K-1, but this forum got me through CR-1 and filing for ROC with confidence.
  11. I would definitely reach out to the embassy, even go in person, and ask if there are any options. I'd come prepared with marriage certificate and proof of a bona fide marriage. They're unlikely to help you out, but there is a small chance they might permit a DCF given the very long wait and that they approved you for a visa. It certainly never hurts to ask.
  12. For proof like this that just shows evidence of cohabitation, I'd even go with once every 6 months. That should be more than enough.
  13. Sometimes at very large post offices there are multiple zip codes for all the PO Boxes. You might also see this link: https://www.quora.com/I-sent-a-pack-through-USPS-Priority-Mail-to-the-Zip-Code-75266-It-got-delivered-to-75260-but-the-right-PO-Box-Should-I-be-worried Apparently 75260 is a general zip code for Dallas.
  14. I don't think you can even tell who is spending what if it's a joint card.
  15. AstroCanada

    POE Question

    Actually there's been a bit of an update in Pearson lately. Most Canada -> US flights actually have a weird system where your bags are automatically transferred. You scan your boarding pass and briefly wait in a room for it to be transferred. In most cases (at least with AC), you won't actually physically reclaim your bag. I would ensure that you have plenty of time for your connection in Toronto. You will definitely go to secondary for paperwork and depending on the wait, it might take a while!