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    Met my husband while working in Canada in early 2014 on a NAFTA work permit. We moved in together and then got married. Now working on moving back to the states when my work permit expires.

    April 28, 2016: got married
    May 14, 2016: Sent I-130 Package to Chicago Lockbox
    May 18, 2016: Chicago Lockbox received package.

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  1. I've been following the virus data pretty closely, and my informed guess based on Wuhan's lockdown and time to no new infections is that we're looking at at least 2 months of public life being cancelled. I have a lot of sympathy for anyone who's caught up in this. Hopefully, USCIS does reasonable things like extending status and waiving interviews in more cases.
  2. Presumably coronavirus related. They're rescheduling a lot right now.
  3. If your husband is a citizen from birth, his passport is more than enough proof. It would indicate his place of birth.
  4. They seem way to disorganized and overwhelmed to dig into that kind of thing. Definitely best to do the paperwork when you should, but it gets complicated when moves happen.
  5. Common mistake..easy to fix just resending it. Don't do it on citizenship, as they'll wait until it's adjudicated to reject it.
  6. Nope, we've been lucky in that regard. No interviews or RFE's for ROC or the I-130. This website was very helpful in preparing for that. Now just waiting for citizenship.
  7. We got our approval notice. A little worried in that supposedly USPS delivered a priority mail package as well today from Lees Summit, MO, but we don't actually have anything. Hopefully, it'll come tomorrow and we'll finally have our 10 year green card.
  8. Ultimately they're looking for two things: proof of cohabitation and proof of shared finances. What you have here is pretty convincing evidence of both. Send it off and stay calm during the wait!
  9. Read and respond truthfully but to the precise question you asked. You didn't misrepresent yourself to obtain a government benefit. Honest and done. They're also much more concerned about people misrepresenting themselves as citizens.
  10. Alexandria, vA allowed you to bring your phones in with you, but not use them. They had some staff that would yell at you if you were using your phone.
  11. Yep, this was the system behaviour for both our application and other people on here. If you're in your mid-30's and not really old, neither the Nazi question nor selective service apply to you.
  12. I think it automatically skips some irrelevant question. For example, both the Nazi question and the selective service question don't apply for an applicant in their 30's.
  13. You should consider filing an out of normal processing time request. It seems very unreasonable that some old cases are waiting that long...makes you worried they misplaced the files.
  14. Not directly relevant to case status, but seems the best place to ask a DC-specific question... My husband got his DC driver's license while on the extension letter and it was only valid for 5 months (when the extension expires). Does anyone know the process for extending the license validity when he gets his new 10 year green card in the mail?
  15. The fingerprint review is still the old date, but when I called the automated phone system it said the case was approved. So confusing and stressful.
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