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  1. Adjustment of Status
    Event Date
    CIS Office : Orlando FL
    Date Filed : 2018-06-29
    NOA Date : 2018-07-24
    RFE(s) : 2018-08-23
    Bio. Appt. : 2018-09-05
    AOS Transfer** : 2018-11-03
    Interview Date : 2019-07-18 icon13.gif Submit Review
    Approval / Denial Date : 2019-08-05
    Approved : Yes
    Got I551 Stamp :  
    Greencard Received:  
    Comments : Just got back from Interview in Orlando office, was about 15 minutes. Most of the questions was directed at Moesha, her parents name, when we met, how we met, how many times did I go to Jamaica, where does husband work, what hours does he work, was Bruce at the delivery of our daughter, asked us for any mail to our current house, we just got from uscis and an health insurance, do we have bills with our names on it, She told him just our cell bill, but we didn't have any copies of it, I told him we pay electronically, Moesha explained why we left Boston to come to Florida because of the cold weather, asked us we have have lease bills, utility bills. we explained we staying with Moeshas Aunt and planning on getting our own place soon, so we don't have any bills for house. We was expecting the worse as far as questions but very basic. We did bring pictures of us together with our Daughter and he went them and asked if he could take 15 of them. Asked for my 2018 tax return with our names on it which we had and he took them. Wanted to see the original marriage certificate but we just had an copy which he took.
  2. We got approval today on the USCIS case status site for the I485. didn't take long at all !!!!

  3. Hi everyone, We had our interview today in Orlando Fl. On June 5, 2019, we scheduled an interview for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. The appointment was for 720 am. We didn't wait long. Joel was our interviewer, he was serious with his questions. Pretty basic questions, we were expecting more intense questions. Cuz of age difference. We brought pictures of wedding and places we visited, Christening pictures too with all three of us in them. He asked to keep about 15 of them. He asked for my 2018 tax forms which included Moesha and my Daughter has dependents, asked for mail sent to our address, any utility bills, lease agreement with our names on it. We didn't have utility and lease bills I explained to him we staying with relatives until we figure where we want to live. Copies of marriage and birth certificates for Moesha and Daughter. But we had cell bills with our names on it and bank letter with joint account. Then he asked if we had any questions and Moesha asked him how long it would take to get approval, he said he has to review everything and said they are far behind so it could take months. I said that we asking that because Moesha wants to go to school for nursing and work part time and get our Daughter in child care and school. I hope we hear sooner than months, but we happy we got through interview. There wasn't that many people at that hour waiting maybe 20. Keep you all posted ! We did get Moeshas work card yesterday.
  4. Congrats how did your interview go? Ours is july 18 in Orlando so we interested in questions and what paperwork they asked for.
  5. Interview June 18 in Orlando for GC. Didn't get travel and employment yet. Woot
  6. We moved from Boston to Orlando back in November. We did do the move notices before we left and have been getting snail mail here. Yea we were having an hard time with banks but bank of America did it for us. We r living with relatives so nothing else is joint. We wanted to make sure Florida was the right move before we got our own place. but maybe we will b4 interview I know that will help, Thanks and God lUck to you both
  7. Update to bank info wife got an bank of America checking account, I just have to go in with my passport to be n joint account Also got update on 485 case yesterday interview is scheduled just waiting for mail to come for date. Nothing on travel n employment as of yet.
  8. Hi Everyone we just saw our status changed to interview is scheduled for 485. Waiting on mail now for date. Nothing on travel and employment status but that's fine.
  9. exactly how long we waited and same answer when we called them
  10. Thank you, yes I had an account with them and then went to add my beneficiary with her SS# and Marriage certificate and still wouldn't give it. I guess its whoever is managing the branch. So not fair. We going to go to Bank of America next we heard they will accept us. I will let you know.
  11. No news as of yet. We are staying with Moeshas Aunt so we don't have rent or utilities under both names as of yet. Hope that is ok. We will move into our own place once we get the travel and work approval, hopefully before our interview date. Chase bank wouldn't give us an joint checking account here in Orlando, but we heard Bank of Boston would give us one without the green card. I will let you know if they approve an account. I think the Orlando office is way behind on everything.
  12. We called the uscis number May 9 2019, since we are way overdue on travel and work. Both of us had to confirm who we were on phone. She told us that no one picked up the case after we did the e request all she could do was out in another request. Couldn't give us an date it would be approved. Waited 30 minutes on phone at 10 am.
  13. Happy Easter everyone ! 2/21/2019 ready for ready for interview. travel document status case rec. 7/30/2018, fingerprint 9/6/2018. crazy waiting. we submitted an request for expediate work and travel documents. should have reply by 4/23/2019. No mail sent to us for interview date in Orlando Florida. Not that my beneficiary wife ready to work or travel because we have an 8 month old daughter. Anyone from Florida?
  14. Congrats everyone, im past due . noa1 august 9 bio 9/6/2018 I changed address in November 2018 but i dont think that changes anything. I checked my uscis today still no updates
  15. my bio was received 9/6/2018 nothing updated on anything yet.
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