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  1. Finally good news! April filer, transferred to Texas on March 13, EAC181345xxxx -- approved today! 😊 A month ago, I'd tried to get transferred back to Vermont, but that got squashed by Level II. It is truly a slog waiting after the 15 month mark... Good luck to everybody still waiting!
  2. Agreed...who knows. But I've been keeping track of other numbers that I know were transferred -- on March 6, 13 & 20th -- and there is nothing happening other than a couple RFEs. We were transferred on the 13th, case number: EAC181345**** BTW I did try to request a transfer to Potomac, but they wouldn't do it.
  3. I called USCIS last night. I discovered that you can request that your case be transferred back if processing time estimates are longer at the new service centre than the original service centre. Transfers are not supposed to negatively impact the time that it takes a case to be adjudicated. If you request a transfer back to VSC, they will do so in a max of 30 days. I rolled the dice and decided to request a transfer back. I figure there will at least be attention on our case instead of festering in some corner in Texas. I'll let you know what happens...
  4. Yup, me, too. And VJ sent me an updated timeline for my case on Saturday indicating expected date of September 18. I suspect there's huge skewing when there's a couple old cases that were interviewed finally get cleared, but that email sucked. Can't believe that I interpreted being transferred as a good thing. Super frustrating.
  5. Hi -- I'm also an April 2018 filer. Received at Vermont on April 3, NOA1 dated April 11, and transferred to Texas on March 12. EAC181345****
  6. Just received text that our case has been transferred and a new office has jurisdiction. April 11 2018 filer = EAC181345. Doesn't say which office, but from what's going on with transfers from Vermont for Jan, Feb, March, I suspect it's Texas. Fine by me! It's movement!
  7. Hi @JayChi yes, I saw that, too. Has anybody seen approvals for VSC after November 2017? thx
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