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  1. How did his interview go?

    1. melissco


      Thanks for asking, Ash!


      He's pre-approved for his visa!! :D  They couldn't immediately verify his police records check since he was told by his local police station to do it online, since their queue was too long for them to process it while he waited. . . . AND they required a certified copy or original of my divorce decree, and couldn't accept only a normal copy of it.  So it's pre-approved status!!  


      Following our unfortunate Packet 4 issues, now FedEx has lost the overnighted certified decree that I sent yesterday, and it's being traced, and I might hear from FedEx in 48 hours. . . . I had to ship it straight to my fiance because the consulate REQUIRES that we send it to them via Canada Post!  So silly that I couldn't send it directly to them!  So now it's lost somewhere in Canada. . . . 


      But, minor details, right?  If it doesn't show up by Monday, I'm getting another certified copy and re-overnighting it.  

    2. Ash.1101



      And yeah once they get what they need to satisfy the 221g (with considerations), then ya'll will be good. Just make sure to send both things (the certified copy of divorce and the police certificate) together in the same package.