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  1. I'm assuming that this case history is from egov? I just got #s 1 and 3. That's why I get confused when people say they were placed in line... Did you check your USCIS acct? You might be already finished with qual review (mine: 12/10/18). My last 3 updates look like the following: We scheduled your naturalization ceremony (1/25/19) We approved your application (12/10/18) You attended your interview (12/10/18)
  2. After my interview, I got "Submitted for Qual Review' on egov while 'You attended your interview' and 'We approve your applic...' on my USCIS account. I didn't know which came first. I never got "In Line..'. Only after 46 days after interview did the egov got updated to 'oath ceremony notice was mailed.' My personal opinion? As long as I as you got 'we approve your applic.', you should be fine. I even called them 30 days after interview because I was worried about the Qual Review but they just said everything was still fine and that there was nothing to worry about.
  3. xyz12345

    N400 5 year travel history

    just to add...No, you don't have mention the country if the stay is less than 24 hours or just transiting through the airport. If you however decide to explore this country for more than 24 hours, then you have to mention this country in your travel history. Layovers can be as long as 23 hrs but you still don't need to mention them.
  4. Don't wait 120 days. You can even try to call now. When I called them 36 days after interview to ask about the status, they told me everything still looks good and just to call them after March 11 (90 days since interview) if I haven't receive the oath notice by then. I called Jan. 15 and got app notification 10 days later. It doesn't mean though that my call helped push things along
  5. I think the Tampa office does both and maybe Jax. Any news yet on your end?
  6. Congratulations!!!! Hope you get your oath letter in time for the March ceremony! If not, definitely by April.
  7. Hi mitefa, I'm not sure if this is the one for you (click on 2019 under Naturalization Ceremony Dates): https://www.dcd.uscourts.gov/naturalization-information because for JAX Florida office, we use these two: http://www.flnd.uscourts.gov/nat https://www.flmd.uscourts.gov/naturalization-ceremonies If not, just google 'naturalization calendar (your city or closest big city etc)'. If the above is true, there is still time for the 3/12 ceremony. I hope you get a notice this week! I got my oath letter last Friday, 7 days after app notification.
  8. You'll get yours soon! Do you know the Naturalization Calendar in your area? It can give you an idea of your possible naturalization ceremony dates.
  9. Thanks, bestluck! imho your timeline will still be much shorter than mine even with the name change. you already beat the odds by having the interview a month after the biometrics. My interview was 6 months afterwards.
  10. hi, my online account just got updated. Pdf copy of naturalization ceremony showed 3/14/19. Hope I can get the mail copy this week. Hope you get yours soon! A be let us know.
  11. Thanks! When is your interview? There is this Android app called Case Tracker for USCIS. It automatically gives you updates without you using the USCIS Case Status online website. The email and text notifications don't work anymore. The last time the email notification came up was 12/3/18 and for text, it was 1/7/19. The online USCIS account was updated to 'We scheduled your Oath Ceremony.' The pdf document is not in there yet. They said to wait a couple of days. I have USPS informed delivery so I can also watch out for the mail. I think it'll be the 3/14 Ceremony. Anyway, I'll let you know. Do you still get the automatic every 2-wk update notification? If not, maybe that's a sign! I hope you get yours soon!
  12. @mitefa Just got a new status update on my case tracker app and uscis online status that they've mailed the oath letter. I checked my online acct but my case history hasn't been updated yet. It has been 46 days since the interview. I'll let you know the date of ceremony when I receive it. Hope you get yours soon!
  13. The credit card that I used for the application has email notification for purchases >$200. I received the email with the same time stamp as the N-400 receipt email confirmation. If this were Cincinnati, OH where I can probably get an interview in 3 months, then I would just apply again but to wait 1 year for interview and then to get denied for a glitch in the system? It's not even your fault.
  14. imho even if recommended for approval, the only update you see on your uscis account case history is 'you attended your interview.' I think if they finally approved the application, then it will say 'We approved your application.' I don't know for your area but over here, my friend had 107 days between interview and oath. I haven't reached that time yet but it will be 94 days for the 3/14 oath ceremony. hopefully I'll hear something in the next 3 weeks if I'm going to be part of it. If not, call USCIS again on 3/11. Hopefully we can get our oath letters soon. Best wishes to all of us!