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  1. Like someone said fire your tax guy! Don't let your husband file as single while he is married! It will not only be illegal but will cause you problems down the line when you have to show joint tax returns to USCIS
  2. I think they are visiting and he would have been travelling on a diplomatic passport and a private charter plane too.
  3. Sorry about that. Our ROC package is ready to go out April 1st and I am wondering if we should delay sending the package.
  4. Just checking to know how everyone is holding up! Stay positive! We will all get through this!!
  5. I think OP means remarrying someone else and refiling. I would think remarrying the former husband will not be possible.
  6. I hope they waive all interviews for removing of conditions! There's going to be a backlog of cases and extended processing times when all this is done.
  7. I work for the state government and I know some people get this way with the cases they are handling. (I don't like it when they do that) I think it's just not fair, everyone should be treated with respect and dignity they deserve and not try to make things difficult for people. I pray it all works out.
  8. So sorry you had to go through this. Hope it all turns out well for you guys!
  9. It is very possible for one not to know where your spouse is at working on particular day. They could be going from one location to another and with a surprise visit like that one could get facts mixed up.
  10. May be you should try again and see if you both can amicably try an get through the AOS and hopefully revive the relationship. Don't give up!
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