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  1. My wife has already obtained her 2 year green card, and we just moved to a new house. Does she need to report the address change? If so, how do we do that? What number do we need to call?
  2. My wife is travelling back to the Philippines for the first time since coming to America on the k1 visa. She has her green card with her new surname, her passport which still has her old surname, and the marriage license to show why. Will she need anything else? We want to make sure she doesn't have any issues coming back. She also never did the CFO interview because she came from Japan not the Philippines, so we are hoping she will not have any issues there. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.
  3. There are still dates available, I know the earliest available date is still May 23. I just found out I need to transfer the case though, which I bet will take at least 30 days knowing how these things go. Plus my wifes AOS interview is May 20 and she will need to wait to get her green card before she can even go to PI. The timing is just too tight i think.
  4. My wife had her visa issued almost one year ago and we are ready to schedule the interview for her son to come over. He is 11 years old. What all do we need to do? I know I need to do the DS-160 for him and schedule the interview. She did her interview and was issued the visa in Japan but her son lives in the Philippines with his grandmother. Can we schedule the interview in the Philippines? How do we do his medical? I remember she needed some paper when she did her medical what would we take for his? Is there anything else we need to do?
  5. From what I understand the biometrics appointment should be made pretty early in the process. Can she still receive her EAD/AP card without biometrics?
  6. Just to add, we also did not receive any NOA1's for any of these applications. The only letters we have gotten are the EAD and AP approvals.
  7. My wife's AOS was application was accepted October 2nd 2018 and she has still not received any letter about a biometrics appointment. She just got her EAD and AP approved on February 25th and received the approval notices for those. Any ideas on what we should do? Can she still receive her EAD/AP card without the biometrics?
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