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  1. I had my interview Yesterday and everything went well. So all done with immigration and here is my experience if it helps anyone. My field office is Charlotte, NC. We were allowed in 15 mins prior to interview time, after checking the interview letter and state ID. Right after security check, an officer took me to his desk. Surprised about zero wait. He scanned the interview letter and green card. Very friendly, some chit chat, then asked 6 questions [ just one answer was good ], had me write and read a simple sentence [ California has most people ]. While I thought this is the interview, he guided me to another desk where the actual interview is. This is skype and first officer left after saying the interviewer will turn on his cam after reviewing my file. Then started the awkward 5-10 min wait time as my camera is ON, while waiting for the interviewer to turn ON his. It turned out to be a very quick round with set of questions - my name, dob, when I got my GC, what I do, who is my employer, whether I have kids, followed by mostly yes or no like have i been arrested type of stuff. Again he was friendly just no chit chat. End of questionnaire, he said he is approving the file. As I stood up I was directed to the first officer's desk and he did my final round. Asked the status whether it's approved, then had me review my information and sign. All done with interview, asked to join other people who are waiting to take their oath. I got on my phone, waited for may be 15 mins for few others to complete their interview. They called one by one, issued certificate, a package (had passport application form),US flag, took my green card and said congratulations. Final step, an officer had us all repeat the oath after him and gave a nice little speech. I was in at 9:45, out by 11:15 AM. Docs they actually asked me - Interview letter, State ID, Green Card Docs I brought with me - Interview letter, State ID, Green Card, Marriage Cert, Wifeys birth cert, All our passports including expired one's, originals related to my traffic incident (fine was $2000+), certified driving history, and proofs related to our relationship ( shared credit and medical cards, car title, home, auto insurance, last 3 year tax transcripts, joint bank sttmnt, home deed and life insurance.) PS I requested a name change ( make second half of my first name as middle name - tired of spelling 16 chars every time) but that would mean, not getting the naturalization certificate the same day and wait months for court date to be scheduled. So said no thank you and my ice breaker remains. Good luck to everyone here and wish the same easy, friendly experience to you all.
  2. Congratulations. My interview is next week. Hopefully be smooth as yours.
  3. Was in similar situation but ended up postponing our trip due to travel ban for my wife's tourist visa. Turned out my interview date is March 31st. Here's my understanding- Timeline varies by field office so you can try VJ n400 processing timeline for your city. You may get an idea. 1. Typically I have noticed uscis inform interview date at least 30 days in advance 2. You need to get a Covid test 3 days before your return trip 3. You have to account 14 day quarantine period after return 4. Few threads complain how uscis may mess up interview reschedule request resulting in denied application or at minimum your case may be delayed. So would definitely avoid rescheduling the interview. May be research flexible ticket option. Good luck.
  4. If you did Online, it will be processed in a field office near your current location. Not sure where to find but try uscis field office search. You can check VJ n400 processing timeline and filter by nearest city to you. The processing time varies widely between cities and checking there may give some idea for your city.
  5. Got email today informing my interview has been scheduled and field office is Charlotte, NC. This process in a way is holding our move to Dallas(because of their damn slow processing time) and our out of country trip to see my mom. So very glad to hear this news. I feel many of you here may have paused some parts of your life decisions because of this process just like we are.. So I hope you all hear good news soon on your cases as well.
  6. I updated the edit tab with my timeline. The information doesn't sync to view tab though. It's great to have this sheet and thanks to whoever created it.
  7. Congratulations!! Can I ask when did you get notified about the interview date? Like did you have atheist a month headsup. Deciding how long should I book my out of country trip. Thanks.
  8. I'm considering a 30 day out-of-country trip in February. Filed on September 29 and Got biometric re-use on Dec 11. No update since estimated completion date is July 2021. I live in charlotte. The ticket will be flexible so If interview is scheduled prior to trip I can postpone trip. If I do take trip, When they give an interview date are they at least 30 days prior? Corona makes it complicated as there may be 10 day stay-at-home period. Should I simply wait for this process to be complete? Any advice is appreciated.thanks.
  9. Finally got the application submitted, The upload evidence is a mess, that the documents disappeared multiple times. Anyways, Application is in as of 09.28. Good luck to everyone.
  10. Trying to get the application in before October 1. If you have a traffic citation and paid fine but no jail, can you please share how did you fill the crime and offenses section? The way I read I have to say yes to at least 4 or 5. Seems a lot for 1 traffic citation.
  11. I understand this topic is most probably had lots of posts. But going through them I am still confused. So if any one can help, I really appreciate that. So I had only one incident in 2014 in GA (speeding/driving on suspended tag - fine ~$1750 ). I have certified court disposition, order & sentence plus the citation copies. Also will be received certified MVR history. Note: In the sentence it also lists 6 month probation but includes a note saying "terminate after payment" , So don't remember any about probation but did attend road safety class or something. With that said, I will be disclosing. My confusion is which questions I should say yes to. 1. Have you Ever committed an offence for which you are not arrested - YES 2. Have you EVER been cited for any reason - YES 3. Have you EVER been charged with committing an offence - YES 4. Have you EVER been convicted for an offense ( I pleaded guilty ) - YES 5. Have you EVER been placed in alternative sentencing - NO 6. Have you EVER place on probation - YES 7. Have you completed Probation - YES 8. Have you EVER been in Jail or Prison - NO Man, seems so many Yes for one traffic violation. Anyways, I will be providing explanation that this is all related to that speeding/suspended tag. I would like someone to review and assure am doing it right. Thanks for your time.
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