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  1. Hi, I am so glad there are many knowledgeable people who can help me in this... I will make this concise. I am from India, and my parents died when I was 12. My uncle (US Citizen) obtained legal guardianship over me, with which I was granted an IR-4 visa. Using this visa, I entered United States when I was 14 in 2001 May. Right when I landed, I was issued a permanent resident stamp on passport (and green card mailed in a few months). My uncle never finalized my adoption in the United States. Fast forward 14 years, I had a green card. I had been a permanent resident for more than the required 5 years, and satisfied all the requirements for naturalization. However, the immigration officer is giving me trouble because my adoption was not finalized. The way I understand, IR-4 children get a green card. Adoption needs to be finalized in order for the child to get US Citizenship. However, I have never found a law that states green card can be revoked if adoption is not finalized, or that I can't get naturalized. Just that you will remain a permanent resident. Is there a law that states otherwise? Please correct me if I am wrong. So based on the facts, I have been a permanent resident for more than 5 years, passed the naturalization test, registered for selective service, and cleared everything to become a citizen. On the day of the interview, the IO issued me an N-14 stating that she needs the final adoption decree before she approves. How is this even applicable to naturalization? I am applying for naturalization based on the fact that I satisfied the eligibility criteria. My attorney sent a response stating the same and its been almost 90 days since we sent the response. They keep saying its under review. I am planning to send letter to Senator. Do I have a valid case? Is my green card conditional? Was it supposed to be revoked if adoption is not finalized? Was the IO even supposed to ask me for my adoption decree even though I expressed a DOZEN times that I don't have one? Please help me and let me know! Thank you!! Sorry about the long post Sam