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  1. @NinaG wow , that’s a lot of people!! We were 42 people , total! 27 different nationalities!! Congratulations! glad this journey is over . I will be following up with the rest of our ground fellas. Good luck to all of you !!
  2. So, welcome ur newest usc 😁😁. I was 33 minutes late but , it was ok because there was a lot of people waiting to get registered. Around 9:30am , I registered and received my number ; then had to wait till everyone was registered. At 10:00am we practiced the ceremony before the judge entered the courtroom. Shortly after that , the judge entered the courtroom. They started with the presentation of colors then the invocation and a violinist played the star spangled banner. Then the immigration officer spoke and said how many nationalities and countries were present. Also how many were changing their names. Then the judge ordered all motions and administration of oath. Before it was over a gentleman gave a speech on how he came with nothing to this country 10 years ago , and he’s now a leader in the community and has multiple degrees and restaurants and how we should change our life and serve our community.Then we received our neutralization certificate , took some pictures with the judge and other city members. Then it was over 😁😁 oh, I forgot to mention, we also got registered to vote !
  3. Thank you , I’m on my way there now . I’m gonna be 15-20 min late 😏.hopefully that won’t be a problem. The traffic is ridiculously bad !
  4. Sorry to hear that @chars . I have been so helpful on here . Wishing you all the best
  5. First , congrats Yes, they ask those questions . Name of Places u worked ,name of places u lived and how long , ur current address , when u got married, ur county, ur height, weight...etc That’s all I remember. U should review ur application just to make sure u don’t give different answer .
  6. That’s a good thing . Hopefully you hear something soon 🤞🏽
  7. Yaaay!!!! Congratulations @JBoogie876Ur lucky. You killed 2 birds with one stone 🙌🏽🙌🏽
  8. Don’t be nervous @Vikingoutwest It’s really easy and mostly common sense.its just our nerves that makes it sound hard lol. I’m sure u will do well .
  9. First, yaaayyy, congratulations @lex07!!! Oh Yes , I left early bcs anything can happen on the road. glad u made it tho . Thanks for asking about the oath ceremony bcs I didn’t ask . I probably won’t take my 4 years old twins . 3 hrs is lil to much for kids . One more step and the whole immigration process will be over soon. I can NOT FREAKING WAIT !! Good luck to everybody.
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