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  1. It wouldn't be rejected for insufficient evidence. That would be a RFE later down. It's usually one of the things already mentioned or an incorrect form version (can't remember when last they updated).
  2. There is a thread with many experiences from people about traveling while going through ROC.
  3. They are only required for persons not physically present in the US
  4. Most people get some other update at some point in the process. I know you're hoping your card just turns up "yay surprise" but that's unlikely but anything is possible with USCIS and technology. It's been more than 18 months I've been waiting on my ROC so you may or may not be close to the end.
  5. Are you coming back after the extension letter has expired? Three months at once is fairly safe 6 months and over a year is when people start to run into trouble.
  6. And lose all the revenue! I can't imagine they would. But it would certainly make sense.
  7. I got a second extension letter. It was exactly as the first... Except that I had done a charge of address and this letter has the new address. The wording is the same- Extending for 18 months which means it expires the same day as the first one so pretty useless except that I now have a useless original in better physical condition than the first lol. I filed ROC in 2018 Summer so letters are both expired.
  8. There have been no changes with regards to the extension letter.
  9. My i-751 is from summer 2018 and N400 Summer 2019 so if you figure something out let us know. It takes a while...my extension letter has long expired. All you'll get is an update of where your case is and that they are waiting on the next step when you contact them. You're still well within normal processing time.
  10. You don't need to refile. Just keep waiting. If you cancel then you're just starting from scratch and having to wait even longer.
  11. They are only doing it for emergencies at the moment because if Covid but if you don't have an emergency then you don't actually need it. Upcoming travel is usually considered reason enough to get a stamp. My letter expired and I got a stamp.
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