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  1. As someone who is currently looking for graduate school funding, yes there are many for citizens only. I never said anything about denying citizenship however they do recommend that your ss information is correct. Schooling was simply one benefit and I used it because of my own experience with seeking funding in 3 different immigration categories over the years. There are other benefits that are tied to SSA and citizenship that I've read but they never stuck in my mind because they don't apply to me. I'm missing no points. You might be tho. Being particularly pendantic about my chosen example misses the point of, there are benefits tied to having the correct SSA information.
  2. You can add additional documents but any changes you can make at interview. You can always contact them about anything, whether you get useful information or not back if a whole other question.
  3. There wasn't any question about pending i-751. You simply process your n400 as everyone else. Only difference is also submitting additional documents to show you're still living in marital union since you have to stay married and living together throughout the entire n400 process.
  4. You'll need to show that you retained domicile e.g. lease or mortgage payments, you kept your job if you were working remotely etc. Similar things.
  5. So you can get benefits you qualify for. For example, if applying to schools you might want to access scholarships etc that are for citizens only and any other kind of benefits. Otherwise they'll have that you are still an LPR.
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