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  1. At the heart of the 5 yr tax question: You've been a LPR for at least 5 years. During these last 5 years you were required to file taxes IF YOU MET THE THRESHOLD. So please submit evidence of this. If you were not required to file for any year because you didn't meet the threshold then you obviously won't have a tax return for that year and you don't need to stress about it. If you had not worked in 2018 for example but worked every other year you would likely still only have 4 years of return. Submit an the years you have that you were required to file.
  2. You don't lose your work authorization because your extension letter expires and you shouldn't lose your job either. If you're doing ROC it means your card should not have any restrictions unless you came as K1 originally and didn't get it changed.
  3. Your green card is extended, you just don't have proof right now.. You can try contacting them to find out what the status is. Even begin COVID tho, it took me 7 weeks to get mine and that was normal. If you have an emergency and can't wait, try calling them to request an appointment for a stamp.
  4. Agreed safety is you number 1 concern. There are services to help you even as a green card holder. You are not alone. Do not be afraid to get help. It is not your fault. https://www.acf.hhs.gov/fysb/programs/family-violence-prevention-services/programs/ndvh
  5. I got a call back the same day with an appointment for the next day. This was NY and it was when offices were still closed. When I called I was told my situation was not considered an emergency (tier 2) but they'd still call my local office and request the appointment. When I got called back they said the office was willing to see me but it was for the very next day at 7am.
  6. Same process but I had an emergency. They are correct, an expired letter alone is not enough for an appointment. You'll need to have a reason such as upcoming travel, starting a new job etc that requires it. When I said it was no issue I think I was responding to somebody else I didn't tag them! Don't remember now what they were asking.
  7. My biometrics letter came before my extension letter- within two weeks or so of submitting the i-751. No further action was required from me, it came within the 6-8 weeks they said it would come.
  8. I've seen a few but I think they are prioritizing oath ceremonies that were cancelled. Hopefully interviews will start getting rescheduled more frequently soon.
  9. Average processing time is 18 months... Some people are approved before and others like myself are waiting longer thanks to COVID in having my case in NYC which has many cases. So it really depends on your office. The extension letter currently being given once you apply is valid for 18 months
  10. Use the calculator, that was just an estimate. As long as you do it no earlier than 90 days before and, before the card expires.
  11. The green card I got said CR1 under category. That's for conditional resident.
  12. Within the 90 days before 9/29/21- the date the card expires. So late July/Early August 2021.
  13. I'm thinking it will go back to "normal" soon. This way they can tell everyone their cases are within normal processing time as they try to clear the backlog from closures. Hopefully as time progresses they can have a real sense? This might just be wishful thinking!
  14. No but for most of us we want to be citizens so we file once we qualify. You don't ever have to apply for citizenship. It's a choice. You can stay a green card holders forever or apply anytime after you qualify.
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