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  1. Hi VJ! Im looking to apply for naturalization under the 3 year rule as I married a US citizen and just received my PR card (with conditions removed obviously). I started working on the application tonight and I got to the question about what dates I’ve travelled outside the US in the past 3 years. Well, I’m a Canadian who lives 2.5 hours away from my home city so my husband and I go a lot. Not enough to void my PR status but I’d say every couple months for the past three years for a weekend and we always drive and cross the same land border. I have some of the dates tracked but not all. Is there a way the next time I cross the border they can give me a print of all the times I’ve crossed? This is probably wishful thinking but I feel like an idiot for not having all the dates written down (lesson learned now). Am I screwed? What’s my best course of action? I don’t NEED to apply for citizenship right now but I’d like to get this all wrapped up. Thank you in advance!
  2. Card arrived today and it looks so different than the 2 year green card!
  3. Hi All, i think I was the first April filer to get an approval. Just some small updates.. on 6/19 I got the update that my card was in production. A couple days after that I got that my card was sent. Then today I received a notification with tracking info. My card should be in my mailbox on Thursday! Woo!!
  4. So glad I was able to bring some light and happiness to this thread and process! Firstly, my case is pretty uncomplicated. I moved from a low fraud country (Canada), this is a first marriage for both my Husband and I, and we don't have any children. So I do think that helps. As for what I submitted - I didn't submit much: - The application itself - Deed to our house (that we bought together) - Health Insurance docs (he's on my insurance) - life insurance docs (where each of us are the beneficiaries) - Some photos - We had a couple family members write letters of support - saying how we're married, etc. but they weren't notarized or anything and that's about it. Hope this helps!
  5. Early April 2918 filer here. I was transferred from VSC to Texas on 3/19/19. It’s June 19 today and I just received a notification that my green card is being produced!
  6. Hello, I filed on 03/27 (so basically an April filer) to VSC and I just had my biometrics completed on 05/31!
  7. Hi fellow VJ members! I’m a little late to the party but here’s my timeline so far. Submitted packet: 3/27/18 to Vermont Service Center 1-797 NOA (notice date): 04/02/18 ASC appointment letter (notice date): 05/11/18 biometrics completed on: 05/31/18 looking forward to moving through this process together!
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