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  1. I am not so sure but most likely the same site. ustaveldocs.com.ph is what I've always used. Doesn't your 221g mention any info on how to contact them? I have never seen a 221g, so I've no idea what it contains or how it's formatted but it's for sure standard procedure and pretty straightforward. Escalation of case only means bringing it up to the next level up which requires a follow-up. Stay the course of following up and ensure you do what your 221g says. These things require patience. Be patient and conform with what the US Embassy requires. Good luck.
  2. My gut feel is that they're looking at your paperwork a little bit more. You just need to follow-up. Have you tried contacting them by email via ustraveldocs.ph? And tell them your story? When you contact them attach a personal letter from your dad, it might help.
  3. What type of visa are you trying to get? Did you follow up yet since getting a 221g two months ago? Maybe you just need to follow-up? 221g is not a refusal or a denial maybe they're investigating your paperwork more.
  4. Are you missing any documents? I believe 221g is given to applicants with missing docs or when medical results are pending?
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