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  1. Lmao this is the most unrelated and uninformed answer I've seen on here. Please don't speculate in something you clearly know nothing about.
  2. Did you check the new site? https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov you have to sign up and then check your case number. Mine only works here.
  3. Got the same but it said March 15. Got a hard copy though and my tracking says they will re-use my biometrics. CA.
  4. I just went through the civics and history questions for the neutralization process and realized that i better study if i plan on filing in July, lol! so many out of those 100 questions that i had no clue about.
  5. This is why the K1 process is so long and the scrutiny is tough. Because of people like you that tend to go "people shopping" and abusing a system made for actual real couples. Obviously it's still too easy if you manage to get 3 through already.
  6. I got the same update today "fingerprint review was completed" yay no biometrics for me.
  7. Izor


    Lmao don't worry i even have an ockult sleeve with a upside down cross and had no issue.
  8. I moved from Stockholm to a tiny town in Northern California, and i struggled a lot in the beginning. BUT i have embraced it and i am loving it more now, in fact i could never live in a city again haha. Biggest help was honestly the climate, Northern California has the beaches, mountains, cities and sun. Sure i drive 50 minutes one way to work but i like the drive, it is all country highways. It really sounds like you need to come to the west coast, it is not as expensive as people say, especially in the outskirts. Take him on a vacation to CA and drive around, maybe he will change his mind when he sees how much beauty is out there
  9. lol did that 2 weeks ago. The dude in SF took one glance at my extension letter, finger print and that was it. Took less than a minute. Didn't look at any other documents. My passport and GC has a different surname but he didn't care.
  10. So I don't think this day would come so soon but I now have both my parents in the hospital. I will most likely have to travel home to Sweden, do I use the name in my passport(maiden name) for the ticket there and back? Green card is in my married name obviously. I'll bring my marriage license and green card obviously. And the second scenario, I might change my passport while I'm in Sweden, to get my new last name on there. Should I book a one way ticket there and book a return ticket home in my new name while I'm in Sweden?
  11. Let's add 10 more comments saying they need to meet before filing and that Moses is wrong.
  12. Holy people like to speculate and dig in this group. How about sticking to the one topic? (That was resolved 1 page and a half ago).
  13. It's the holidays. Mail and government is barely functional. Patience is key. Barely been a month. No need to freak out.
  14. Izor

    Relocation blues

    Time! it took me 3 years to feel at home. Now i just can't see myself moving back to Sweden anymore. It just is not attractive anymore. It is going to suck, for a while, but as you start building and adding to your life, it will get easier. It takes time and it is natural so do not worry! I still get crazy anxiety in some official settings but i feel less and less as an outsider. Hike, bike, work out, go shopping, get out there! do not lock yourself in.
  15. Lol not an issue. I have done the same since the first K1 petition and never had any problems.