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  1. Thx guys! You're next! Probably hear something this week check the old website, the update aren't the same on the new and old site. I got the notification in the app.
  2. New card is being produced! Originally CA but transferred to Potomac 40 days ago Finally!
  3. So 2 potomac approvals, one with a transfer date about a week later than mine. Makes you more hopeful.
  4. I love how everyone keeps answering why he got denied, when she never asked about that. The original question was answered in the first post, lol.
  5. Yup Potomac and then silence. This is getting beyond annoying.
  6. Doesn't mean anything. Mine says the same. A month later it got transferred again. We are just stuck in transfer limbo along with a lot of other CA cases lol.
  7. Not even close. Still no movement in CA or Texas. Only Nebraska and Vermont that has had any movement at all. Still a lot of people waiting.
  8. My case from California is so glitched, just keeps repeating itself lol. At this point I don't even know if it is transferred yet, no mail.
  9. I think this is a good sign, CA and Texas has been dead zones
  10. California? I have had that same notice for about a week now, nothing in the mail yet. But we finally have some movements :) I searched in the group and found some people last year that got this notice. They were approved without a interview still.
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