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  1. Exact same thing here. Local office then Nebraska. I can’t find anyone from Nebraska approved even in earlier month groups.
  2. Completely safe. I just got back from a trip overseas with my extension letter that was about to expire. (He didn’t even look at it, it must be in the system) And I’m going to again for Christmas. They wouldn’t deny you without first sending a rfe or inviting you for an interview. And as the previous poster said, that would give you a few weeks in advance.
  3. My case got transferred to Nebraska. Anyone else?
  4. I am a CSC but I’m not sure where my case has been transferred to yet. Do I not find out until the notice arrives?
  5. I’ve had 3 notifications in 2 days saying it has been transferred to another location!
  6. Hey guys, just an FYI for anyone who received the non official 18 month extension letter, I requested a ‘notice not delivered’ on the uscis website. They then said they would ‘resend’ the official notice, I finally got the official extension, a week after sending the request.
  7. Nope I didn’t receive it. I do have a lawyer and he hasn’t received it either. I don’t think anyone who got the courtesy copy received the real letter? Going to have to get a stamp soon.
  8. I received mine 3 weeks ago but still haven’t got the original.
  9. I just called uscis and she said to give it 30 days for the real notice to arrive. I guess we will see if it comes... my extension letter expires in a month and I’m going next weeek for 2 weeks so luckily I’m ok.
  10. Hello! i received my extension letter, however it says it is a courtesy copy and the original has been sent to my lawyer. My lawyer received the same notice saying courtresy copy. They told me that this along with my original 12 month copy which is close to expiring is what I bring on my travels. Is it actually referring to the original copy as the wording definitely says a new one has been sent. I don’t think my lawyer read the letter properly..
  11. No it only shows arrests. It’s a police certificate not a credit report.
  12. I travel in 2 weeks, my green card expired November 2, 2017, my notice date on the extension letter is September 2017 as we applied right away. Should i I go get a stamp, or travel with my current extension letter and the ‘courtesy copy’ new letter. Technically it is valid until November, as it’s 1 year from green card date not the letter. Hmm.