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    Richard - single father w/3 daughters, USA w/engineering career. Maria - single mother w/3 sons, Philippines w/finance career. Between us, enough ethnicity to form a mini-UN. Some of Maria's relations are stateside & Canada for years & she is familiar here. In mutual contact since May 2005, with 4 visits between us. Filed K-1 & K-2's as required with NSC on 3-6-06, notified case xfer to CSC 6-1-06. Touched 6-2, 6-3, 6-14, 6-15, 6-16, 6-17, 7-03, 7-05, 7-24, 7-25, 9-05, 9-06. Rcvd repeating CRIS emails 6-1 & 6-14 about (same) file xfer. Rcvd repeating USCIS email 7-03 that RFE was mailed out on 6-23. 7-03 also rcvd CSC mailed RFE - IMBRA supplemental questionaire. Express mailed IMBRA form back (all "no") with additional affidavit on 7-13. CRIS email aknowledged receipt 7-24. Rcvd repeating USCIS email of our NOA2 on 9-06. Calls into NVC yielded our Manila Case Number on 10-6. Keeping myself occupied stateside with house remodeling for our combined crews while we wait (& wait & wait) on the paperwork. NSC changes & IMBRA pushed us from fall into winter. Revisited Manila in Sept for two weeks along with a side trip to China for additional family there. Medical exams completed in Januray and embassy interview completed on 2-13. POE 10-4 Minneapolis, MN. Wisconsin wedding 4-10. AOS paperwork acknowledged 5-2, biometrics appointment 5-22.
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