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  1. Thanks all for the replies i appreciate it. I called this morning and the doctors office is gonna resubmit the claim with the insurance. Insurance said they submitted the claim without chart notes. They also billed the wrong doctor at the hospital i found out this morning. The hospital put a different doctor than the one who delivered our baby in the bill. Doctors office said maybe thats where it went wrong they didnt know either. We will have to wait they said it can take a while. It kinda ruined my holidays the bills keep piling up it stresses me out and i lose sleep over it. Lets hope its a mistake they can fix
  2. Our deductible is 1150 thats why im so surprised we got billed 6000 on top of that. It doesnt sound right. They did max out our sons deductible as well as soon as he was born.
  3. Thanks i will definitely call tomorrow just wanted to see if someone had a similar experience. Google tells me this,
  4. In october our son was born and now the bills are coming in. We have a pretty good health insurance plan via the employer of my wife. After deductible, copay etc we have 100% coverage for the delivery. We got our EOB explanation of benefits that says our member responsibility is zero and the disallowed amount is 6000. Ive been googling and i understood that in network doctors negotiate a price with the insurance and that is a set fee and cant charge a penny more than that. Friday we received a bill from the doctor asking to pay the remaining 6000 dollars within 30 days. But because he is in network that is not allowed right? Ive been worrying a lot this weekend, losing sleep over this. I cannot call until monday im looking for advice how to proceed. Im am very confused with the health care in this country its so much easier in Europe.
  5. Yes that one. As soon as uscis mails the card it will show up on informed delivery. And once its delivered uscis case status online will say its delivered and shows tracking as well.
  6. Thanks! The approval letter i got in the mail tuesday said i was approved december 5th. But my case status online didnt update until 9th of december and said card was mailed. The informed delivery app showed tracking number on tuesday so in total it took two days to ship and a week from approval to card in hand.
  7. Im a WAC September filer and got approved last week. You guys should be getting yours soon.
  8. Thank you! My case was received september 26 2018 by uscis. Didnt hear anything for months until they waived biometrics in beginning of 2019. I received biometrics appointment in june even though they initially waived it. Did the biometrics in july 2019. I am pleasantly surprised i didnt think we had a whole lot of evidence. We did send in almost 6lbs of paperwork but it was not super strong evidence. I was expecting a request for evidence or interview and preparing for it as we would have stronger evidence now to support our case. We have a baby now and an apartment etc. Glad its not needed
  9. I got approved today! California Service Center my case started with WAC. I am so happy and relieved. My wifes mother died and its been a really emotional and stressful week. This is such great news. Thanks everyone who helped me in this topic and forum i am so glad the journey is finally over. No more USCIS and gathering evidence Goodluck to everyone still waiting! Youll get yours soon!
  10. Filed september 2018. Biometrics july 2019. Case status says fingerprint completed. Case active 1 year 1 month 26 days according to the case status app. Not holding my breath on any updates soon. Average processing time in California is 16-22 months.
  11. Thanks Waiting patiently i read average processing time for California service center is 16-22 months.
  12. Congratulations to all the approvals! Our case still says fingerprints completed in july. No update since. California service center.
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