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  1. Not sure each case is different but im seeing april/may filers now getting approvals on this forum.
  2. Thanks. We did send in 5lbs of evidence but it did include a lot of pictures which isnt really good evidence. I honestly rather get a RFE and load em up with another 2 or 3lbs of paperwork than have to do an interview. We will wait. Its good to be prepared in case they do 😋
  3. Im in same situation. We are also expecting a kid and have apartment now. We have way more evidence now than when we filed the I751. But i think im just gonna wait until they RFE. I have no idea how i can submit evidence without an RFE letter from USCIS. Is that even possible?
  4. Thats how i did it too. My wife was a traveler we lived somewhere else every 3 months and leased apartments. I put those on the last page of our I751 and explained in the cover letter why we moved so much. Our main address has always remained the same so we never officially changed it with USCIS. Your tax address is your main physical address.
  5. Congrats! Nebraska seems to be moving fast. Lots of approvals on this forum.
  6. Which website do you use the old or new one? Mine suddenly got recognised on the old website and says fingerprint review completed. Did biometrics yesterday. Before it wouldnt accept my case number kept saying invalid case number. New website was stuck at case received since end of september.
  7. Old website finally works and now says fingerprint review was completed. New website still stuck at case received but at least it updated the status somewhere.
  8. My case number still doesnt work despite having biometrics done today. "Case not found" on old website and on the new website it still says "case received" since september 2018. I was hoping having biometrics done today would trigger something in the status or their system but it still says same thing... Case received and still not found on other website.
  9. Biometrics done! Only took 4 fingers on my right hand. Was outside in 10 minutes.
  10. I just got them done. There was no issues with my blister thank god 😁. Wasnt even visible on the machine. My fingerprint looked good. The technician did have to try a few times but the machine accepted my prints. Hope this is the last thing i have to do for my 10 year card.
  11. So as long as one hand is fine im ok right? Im worried i read everywhere they take 4 prints on your right hand. And my right hand is the one with the wound. Left hand is fine. I thought it was a good idea to do some manicure on myself and file down some of the excess skin to make the fingerprint more visible using one of those calluses removers files my wife uses. Bad idea now its even worse... There is like no fingerprint visible at all just fresh new shiny skin. What an idiot i am. Appointment is tomorrow.
  12. I have my biometrics wednesday. I had a blister on my middle finger that is like 90% healed. This ofcourse happened on the day i received my biometrics appointment letter... 😑 Great timing. The skin has grown back its just very dry and the fingerprint has not returned yet where the new skin is. Is this gonna be a problem for my biometrics? I think they only take a few fingers for ROC since they still have our old prints from AOS right? Im worried we have to drive all the way for nothing and be asked to reshedule.
  13. Thanks I dont remember getting one for AOS. But like i said it feels like a lifetime ago. So much has happened since then that i forgot tiny details like this.
  14. Code 5 here too. Going in next week on wednesday. Do they give a piece of paper that says biometrics completed after youre done? I dont remember much about it from the AOS. Feels like a lifetime ago. And i think they did both my hands with AOS.
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