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  1. Most people get the date within 48 hours - it'll be on your documents tab but you'll get it in the mail too.
  2. Congratulations and best of luck with your N400 journey. There's loads on info on how to get started, just do a quick search here on VJ. Usually there's a forum started for each month of application. I found it the easiest and quickest of all the forms I've filled in - and you can do it all online, payment too.
  3. Yes! Let us know what date you get.
  4. I bet it will be. I got a quick response to my inquiry and wasn't expecting anything more. About 1.5 weeks before the interview, I got the formal i-751 interview letter which lists the evidences needed. I then freaked out as I didn't have 3 years of tax transcripts (they wanted that as well as returns) as it said failure to bring them could result in denial. As it was, the transcripts weren't requested during the interview and arrived 2-days after. But, if I'd had them I could have saved myself extra anxiety. So if you're in the same boat, might be an idea to get them. Good luck!
  5. If your case follows the same timeline as most, I reckon it'll be there by the end of the day.
  6. Great news! You should see the date within 48hrs in your documents tab.
  7. I like it! The name and DOB at the top in the wavy style is as bit different, and I don't remember my fingerprint being on the 2-year card, but I could be wrong. I keep it in the paper wallet to keep it safe so it's not that visible to me, but good to know it's there. I'm ridiculously happy to have it, even if it's only for a few weeks.
  8. Woooo-hooooo! Congratulations. Thanks for a detailed review, loved reading about your experience. I'm so glad it went well. Did your IO really ask you a trick question? That would've thrown me. LOL. Maybe two weeks until your oath ceremony? That would be awesome. Congrats again, that mojito was well earned.
  9. I will. Quite happy to share my experiences. LOL! You could always try sending an inquiry to find out what's happening with your oath ceremony, but it does seem to be the luck of the draw as to how quickly you get it. I'd be going round the bend if I'd been waiting since late Feb. Good luck.
  10. I just Googled something like 'oath ceremony' and my city and state. Here's what I got: http://ksd.uscourts.gov/index.php/upcoming-naturalization-schedule/ Not all states publish the ceremony dates though.
  11. You've got this! Let us know how you get on. 👍🏻
  12. My oath ceremony date was confirmed the day after my interview, it popped up online in 'documents' and arrived in the mail 3 days later. My interview was on 12 March and the oath is scheduled for 19 April - 5 weeks from interview. It does seem to differ from office to office. For instance, my wait time hasn't been too long, but the next oath ceremony here is in August. Waiting till then would have been very disappointing. Best of luck, I hope you get your ceremony date soon, the clock watching can be very frustrating. The 17-month wait for my green card was not doing much for my health, but in the past week I've had both my green card and citizenship interviews and passed, got the oath ceremony in the diary and my green card arrived. Super fast progress, quite the contrast to months of tumbleweed.
  13. Day 508 and I can finally say my i-751 journey is complete! My 10-year Green Card arrived in the mail today. Woo-hooo! I have to give it back at my oath ceremony next month, but I did enjoy swapping out my expired 2-year Green card and getting rid of the 18-month extension letter. You guys rock, the support here is awesome. Speedy Green Card wishes to everyone who is still waiting.