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  2. Today I received my letter (also I already have it) also question my profile says pending but no naturalization pending. What in doing wrong. ?
  3. Both passport the expires and the new one MArch MAy always happens to me 😂
  4. Wow congrats ! The officer yesterday give me the letter with my date-time of my oath. 😮
  5. Well my interview was a little quick. The of official was ultra nice. Beginning with say all the truth. And the question ‘Why are you here today’ and I says Because I wanna be American. Then read the sentence in a tablet. But the tablet have a error and I read the error, he says that is not the sentence but ok, again Washington was the first president of US. I red back to him. And he said you read the two sentences, the first one was not the want I want but yes you passed. Then I write the same in the iPad. And passed. Questions as : - What is a amendment ? - Name of the president of US - Party of the president - What does the president cabinet - Name two parties in US - Name of the first president 6/6 passed. He review my application I put 1 meter 58cm and shows in the form 1 feet. And he change it. And also the address of my work because they moved one month ago. Ask me about travels I don’t remember q lot the dates but was Chile and Turkey and explain about my travels. He make me more questions about paramilitary, guns, etc, he ask me if I said all the truth and why my turkey trip was only 5 days, I explain to him was the wedding of my sister. Ask so also if I bear guns. I say no my husband told me I need to do that but when I will be an citizen. Also ask if my husband have guns I say no but he knows how to use it. Ask me about section 12 all the question ultra quick. He print out the application. The paper says he approved my interview. And another paper with the date and time of my oath ceremony. He again ask me you already say all the truth? I say yes. And he says ‘you cook’? I says NO. Lol was funny. I stand up, shake his hand and say thank you you don’t have idea all the time, and all the steps in this travel. But thank you. He say welcome. WAS 20 minutes or less. Now my case has an update *PS still I’m working to type in the right way and the verbs and all of that confusing me. But I try to do my best.
  6. 20 minutes I think was my interview my oath is 05/30/2019
  7. I don’t wanna sound like that also my apologies. And I understand your position. Relax you’re here ! Now only wait for the update. I know is frustrating. I send you a big hug
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