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  1. Thank you! I appreciate it. The interview process wasn’t so scary the first time around, this time it’s terrifying 😅
  2. At this point both of us are just barely meeting the 125%. I’m at a point in my career of moving up in Management so my income would increase dramatically. But obviously I can’t prove that yet. I did get a promotion after I submitted the financial documents from a Server to assistant manager. Maybe I should just print all of my paystubs (literally all of them) and my tip slips and hope that Would show my income increase until my next promotion? I know he is guaranteed the job because it’s what was discussed and I understand they won’t fully believe it, I just hoped it was going to help a lot unfortunately.
  3. I assumed that the letter would prove that he would have a stable income along with mine because I thought the whole point of this financial requirements is to show he can support himself in the states. I guess I had the wrong assumption.
  4. Okay so we finally became Document Qualified. I am slightly concerned that my income and our joint sponsors income isn't enough. I currently work at a popular Restaurant Dining Chain and I am in management (but my income was reflecting 2018s tax return and I only lived in America for 6 months. I am an American citizen, I was just living in Sweden temporarily so I didn't have a full year of work on my tax transcript. My GM wrote a letter of Guaranteed employment for my husband and I plan on mailing it to him for the interview, do you think that can help anything?? She put specifically how much he would be making and that it is effective immediately upon his approval to work once in the states. I also have a decent amount of Assets saved it just doesn't reflect in my actual income. This is so stressful.
  5. Yes I did file one for myself because when I read the instructions it seemed like I was supposed to fill one out too even though I needed a sponsor. So me and my joint sponsor filled one out.
  6. Hi so I just finally received a case update from NVC (after waiting 4 weeks from them not accepting our first round of documents because they weren’t facing the right way) They told me I need to show proof of me and my joint sponsors incomes and assets. But what really made my nerves crazy was this message. Has this His happened to anyone else and it was okay? I’m confused as to why they would even say that knowing that I have a joint sponsor already?? I’m so anxious now.
  7. My PD is Sept 8th. And my approval was March 18th. Got the case number today. So I assume September filers should be hearing something soon from NVC?
  8. Update for me. I just received my NVC case number!! So exciting
  9. It says to look on uscis website on what to do next but I am unsure if I am looking in the wrong place or something. What is next? I am in the process of filling out the I 1-864 Affidavit of support form. I assume its just to fill it out, pay those fees and mail those in? I received my NOA2 and all of that a while ago but never got the correct forms. I had to call the potomac service center 30 days after receiving my approval to get the forms.
  10. Yes I have one. And the last update I got from there was about them receiving our response to the NOID we got. (Even though we got the NOA2 now by mail).
  11. Has anyone got any updates through USCIS case status like online? Its funny how we filed the electronic notifications form but found out we were approved through the mail. It has been a while and the website still hasn't caught up. I am just curious.
  12. We overstayed our time outside of the US and when we tried to file a returning resident visa, we were denied and told that his Greencard was now expired (even though it had another year left) so that’s why we filed I 130 cause of what the American embassy in Sweden told us. We only overstayed 2 months at the time but they counted it as abandoning it. 😕
  13. Yes he did but like I mentioned his green card status became invalid so why would he need to file then if he is no longer considered American or has anything to do with America until now? Also I submitted my taxes for 2016,2018 and even wrote a note about 2017 when I sent in my package for I 130 and they approved it? To me it just doesn't make sense. If he was still a green card holder then sure, I 100% understand. 😅
  14. Well back then I asked other Americans who lived in Sweden if I had to file and I was told no. Because I made $0 and my husband wasn’t a citizen here due to “abandoning permanent residency”. I was was able to file this year with no problem I just put married and was able to put foreign.
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