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  1. They issue your Sofa as it is written on your passport. Doesn’t matter if your order shows your married name. In my case, Passport + sofa maiden name, orders married name. We have been in Germany for over 3 years and made several trips back and forth without any problems. If you have time, get it changed. If not, take the risk and hand carry your marriage cert as a proof of name change there is an exercise going on right now and passport/sofa office is closed until it’s over, idk when tho
  2. Hey y’all! I had my interview yesterday at Frankfurt US Consulate, Germany (because military overseas) and passed (yays!). My oath ceremony will take place in Stutgart on 26th Sept. I asked the officer a few questions and would like to share with you as well thinking that may help you guys also. - Do we have to do anything about Social Security like updating etc.? Yes. Once you get your naturalization certificate, you should go SS personally and update your status. For us who are overseas, should go to ( with an appointment) their US consulate’s federal benefits office for that. - I have a child from my ex-husband who is living with me and my US citizen husband (not adopted, step-child status). He has his 10 year green card. How will the new USCIS policy change about presence and residence requirements will effect my child status? The officer went thru their manual and stuff and couldn’t come up with an answer right away at the spot. Instead, he said he’ll search this and let me know with an email. Another officer commented that once I become a US citizen, my naturalization will spread to my child and my child would automatically gain the citizenship so I could apply for his passport along with mine right away 🤔 will definitely try to do this but I’m not fully convinced that it will work. Btw, my son is 9 years old. She said this is applicable for kids younger than 13. What are your thoughts?
  3. I applied online on 2nd of Apr and on 4th, I have seen the letter they would send to me which was requesting biometrics. I haven’t waited to get the actual letter in the mail. I printed a copy from my online account and mailed it along with fingerprint cards and a cover letter. About 10 days after I sent them, they changed my status to “biometrics reviewed” and then to “case is actively being reviewed”. I’m still waiting for the interview date which is most likely what’s next.
  4. I had mine collected at Ramstein AFB.Call this number : 06371-47-1110. Ask them to direct you to the fingerprints office. You need to schedule an appointment. It is pretty quick. Make sure you have your Green card, passport or at least your A number with you. Another way of getting it done is to go to Frankfurt American Consulate. You may need to contact them for the details but I was told by the clerk at Ramstein that they collect digital fingerprints so you don’t have to send the cards to USCIS.
  5. I received 2 identical cards and have been trying to figure out which one to return to USCIS for over 6 months!!! They still can’t give a certain answer why they have sent 2 cards. I and my son applied conjointly and got approved at the same time about a year ago. We still haven’t received my son’s card. I think instead of my son’s card, they reprinted mine again. They seem like they can’t put their lives together.
  6. Another thing: my driver license was on my maiden name but when issuing my German driver license, they asked me which name I wanted on it and I had it issued on my married name.
  7. I’m exactly in the same situation. We are in Germany for more than 2 years and had no problems. Make sure they issue your SOFA card with your name on your passport and carry your marriage cert whenever you travel outside of Germany.
  8. Hi! I searched through all around VJ and google and cannot find a satisfactory answer to my question. There are some answers but I`m afraid they might be seriously outdated. We are currently in Germany on military orders since my husband is active duty. We`ll submit our petition to remove conditions (I-751) soon but don`t know which service center to send it. Before coming over here, we used to live in NY state and my husband`s home of record is WA state. Anyone with a current information? Thank you very much in advance. Jen
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