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  1. I applied online on 2nd of Apr and on 4th, I have seen the letter they would send to me which was requesting biometrics. I haven’t waited to get the actual letter in the mail. I printed a copy from my online account and mailed it along with fingerprint cards and a cover letter. About 10 days after I sent them, they changed my status to “biometrics reviewed” and then to “case is actively being reviewed”. I’m still waiting for the interview date which is most likely what’s next.
  2. I had mine collected at Ramstein AFB.Call this number : 06371-47-1110. Ask them to direct you to the fingerprints office. You need to schedule an appointment. It is pretty quick. Make sure you have your Green card, passport or at least your A number with you. Another way of getting it done is to go to Frankfurt American Consulate. You may need to contact them for the details but I was told by the clerk at Ramstein that they collect digital fingerprints so you don’t have to send the cards to USCIS.
  3. I received 2 identical cards and have been trying to figure out which one to return to USCIS for over 6 months!!! They still can’t give a certain answer why they have sent 2 cards. I and my son applied conjointly and got approved at the same time about a year ago. We still haven’t received my son’s card. I think instead of my son’s card, they reprinted mine again. They seem like they can’t put their lives together.
  4. Another thing: my driver license was on my maiden name but when issuing my German driver license, they asked me which name I wanted on it and I had it issued on my married name.
  5. I’m exactly in the same situation. We are in Germany for more than 2 years and had no problems. Make sure they issue your SOFA card with your name on your passport and carry your marriage cert whenever you travel outside of Germany.
  6. Thank you! We sent our packet to California service center in late February and recieved Extention letter in mid March.
  7. Surprise!!!!! We are overseas military so we were required to sent in the fingerprints and biometric photos which was taken here on the base ID office, along with our application. I was wondering what they would do about mine while reading all of you guys recieving letters and today ta-da!!!
  8. Here we go! I received my son's NOA in the mail today. notice date 03/06 To my surprise, it was sitting in our German mail box. Although we put in our military APO address as our mailing address both on forms and online, they still send it to our German physical address. I'd be totally okay with that, however, my name is nowhere on the letter as the principal applicant cause my son is included only as dependent. Both petitioner and beneficiary info has my son's name beneath them. Oh by the way, I haven't received mine yet! I'm not too worried about it at this time (I lied, I'm totally freaking out!) , it may arrive to our APO which takes longer time to be delivered. So, this looks like an error to me therefore I called their military help line only to have someone tell me that there's a very heavy phone call load at that moment so the officers don't get transferred calls. They suggested me to fill up a form online on https://my.uscis.gov/account/needhelp and open a ticket for my issue. So I did! The receipt no doesn't show up on the app. When I try to add it to my uscis online account, it says it's already registered in my cases folder but it's absolutely not there! oh the joy of dealing with uscis especially when you are overseas!!! soooo, what the heck am I gonna do now?
  9. Hi! we have sent ours on 02/21 and it was delivered to Cali service center on 02/27. Mailing times are longer for us cause we are military and stationed in Germany so we use our APO address. We sent a cashiers check so we can’t track if it is cashed or not. Our money is already gone lol I’m hoping to receive NOA1 in about 2 weeks. Can you please add us to the list as well? Thanks and good luck to yall
  10. I filled the form according to the sample form in here and left some parts blank which don`t apply to us like child 3, child 4, etc information , interpreter and preparer information , spouse`s and my daughter`s A nos cause they are already USC. but I read the instructions once again and it clearly says complete all parts of the form. I`m confused! what should I do? fill it up with numerous NAs?
  11. Hi! I have a K2 child and yes you add the kiddo in your application and pay only 1 filing fee but you still have to pay biometrics fee for the child as well. So it make $765 total. We did 1 check for all. As evidence for the kid, I added several documents specifically about him like his passport and green card copies, school enrollment letter, health insurance coverage statement with his name on it, various family photos, (since we are military) DEERS and other Dep of Defense records, etc... Good luck!
  12. Yes we got a cashiers check too. I have an appointment for the fingerprint cards on next week at the id office on base. thanks Edit: what did you do about criminal records? in the instructions it says : 3. If no record is available, an original statement from the court that no record exists of your arrest or conviction. I have never been involved in any kind of crime including traffic tickets. should I still get this? and from where? my home country , USA, Germany?
  13. @Roel did you send a money order? We have an account at Service Credit Union. A money order from that bank would be okay?
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