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  1. We didnt use a lawyer but we sent a huge package as well. The only additional information we sent was 1 affidavit and a power of the attorney. I sent the package 2 day USPS, it arrived Monday, was updated that same day and we received the notification on the app about a week and a half later that it was approved
  2. After the RFE, my wife's green card was approved on 4/10. Strange after all the evidence we sent.. and then for RFE the only thing we sent was an affidavit and power of the attorney.
  3. We did a power of the attorney and affidavit. Those were the only two things left on the RFE. Sent everything out already.. let's hope for no interview
  4. So I received an RFE, I feel unjustly considering everything I offered in my i-751. Joint lease since receiving green card, 401k, joint health insurance, life insurance, joint tax returns, joint bank accounts, pictures from various vacations including a vacation with my entire family. Instead they told me rent is not good enough and it should be a mortage and we should show proof of children??? Ok. Aside from that they recommended a power of the attorney and affidavit from family. The only thing left is an affidavit, but I don't know what should go in it. Do you guys have any examples?
  5. Yep, the lease covers from the day she moved in with me until present Tbh I dont even know what that is
  6. We rent together, we've been in two places and were both on the leases. Sent them both
  7. Received a RFE today. This makes me pretty mad. They said limited in scope, we submitted health insurance, life insurance, 401k, lease agreement with both names, joint bank account, joint tax returns and photographs. They said they want further evidence such as children or a mortgage or power of the attorney for property or health. What the absolute F***. I just turned 30 and do NOT want kids or own a house right now. Unless we make a will for her to take on my student loans I have no idea what they want. What do you do when you've sent everything and what they're asking for is not reasonable? The only thing I could reasonably do is an affidavit...
  8. In a section of the N400 it asks about evidence of child support. My wife's daughter does not live with us, she lives with the grandmother back in Chile. How important is this section? There is nothing actually court ordered due to child support. My wife does send home money every week, but nothing is exactly mandated by the court. My wife still has custody, her daughter just chose to stay in Chile to finish up school. How important is this section? Is the notarized letter from the grandma good enough to submit?
  9. Also one more question. If my wife is currently out of the country, how do you put that on the application? Do I just leave that out and then bring it up in the interview?
  10. I'm filing the online N400 with my wife after ~3 years of permanent residency. It's asking for her residency over the last 5 years. Is this important? Should I just not worry about the other 2 years before that even though it's saying it is missing?
  11. Are the applications that are accepted thus far only the N400 filers? We've been eligible to file the N400 since January but have been kind of lazy about it.
  12. aaaaand i lied. just doublechecked. typed the number in wrong. final digit was 1 number off. Well at least I woke her up for nothing.
  13. Looks like my wife's case has been approved. I have been checking online every day with no updates... decided to use the case tracker app and it said my case has been approved. She's currently out of the country and I've been too lazy to check the mail. It was approved 1/31/2019.
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