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  1. I became a citizen last week. I applied in July 2020, based the five years rule. It took 16 months from the start to finish. Thank you. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting.
  2. I would not believe the officer. They are misleading. They like to say things just to get you out of the room. Yes there will be oath ceremonies in mid December. It's not "the next". Instead there are are small ceremonies at the S.P. River Center throughout months of Oct, Nov, and Dec. Officers frequently lie. But Good luck. I hope you become a citizen soon.
  3. Interesting. I think they might update you as soon as they find you a spot for any upcoming ceremony. The ceremonies don’t seem to be held very often due to covid. It’s nerve racking. I will keep you updated. Yes, it is. My online status still shows “Interview was scheduled”
  4. Sorry to hear that. It’s disappointing. No. I was not given any reason. I was simply told to wait for the decision in mail. Were you told why a decision cannot be made yet? I am guessing the officers might be new, and they do not have the authority to even recommend for approval. The results need to be reviewed by their supervisors.
  5. Yes. I wore my mask for the entire time inside. No, they only allow atterney in if you have one. No one else is allowed. Not even interpreter, all interpreters are through phone. It’s actually noted in your interview letter, regarding to both masks and who you can bring. So I would read the letter just in case your letter is different from mine. Good luck!
  6. I had my interview last week. I passed the test and received N-652 “a decision cannot be made yet” just the routine run down list of yes and no, without much of any other questions and explanation on what’s going on with the ambiguous delay.
  7. Congratulations. Have you been notified when the oath will be ?
  8. Update: I’m scheduled for interview on the first week of August. I filed July 2020. Biometric reuse was notified in Feb 2021
  9. Thank you for the update! It helps me to have a reasonable expectation for my own timeline. Good Luck msowen!
  10. Wow. I wonder what makes one’s file “clean and clear”. I filed in July 2020. I have not received any interview notice. I did get a biometric reuse notice in Feb.
  11. Congrats. This is wonderful for you to reach the end of this journey. I bet it’s not an easy one. As if You graduated from uscis with PHD. no higher degree to acquire. I will use your good luck for my pending case.
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