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  1. Hi! Filed 12.29 for my mum, Case was received and noticed was sent (Potomac). Best of luck to you guys!
  2. You can start by looking at the USCIS case processing time. Also try reaching out to others from your state and compare the time lines.
  3. At one point I’ve tried reaching out to them but wasn’t successful😡. I kept getting the automated message so I just waited and stop checking my emails etc. and boom 💥 I got an update (12 weeks later) . I’m sure you’ll get an update any day now 🤞🏾
  4. Filed in Mn on Nov. 9th, 2021, and finally got a notice today that my biometric appointment has been scheduled for Mar. 16th, 2022. Estimated time* until case decision: changed from 10 months to approx. 13 months 🤷🏾‍♀️
  5. I’m in Mn and they’re super slow. And it sucks not being able to reach out to them and talk to an actual human.
  6. For the folks that’s waiting on a biometric notice or notice of reuse, how many days are you willing to wait (ex. 90-120) before you inquire about your case?
  7. Today makes 12 weeks since I’ve submitted my application for my N-400 🙏 & 🤞🏾 That good news is on the way for all of us. Continue to hang in there. Sending positive vibes to each and everyone of you.
  8. Estimated processing time change from 12 to 11 months. Exactly 8 weeks today since I’ve applied 🙁 and I haven’t gotten a biometric appointment or reused notice. Congratulations to everyone that’s moving forward. Everyone that’s waiting we’ll be right behind 🤞🏾
  9. 6 weeks today since I’ve applied for the N400. 🙄 No notice since they’ve received my application. 🙏 we’ll hear some good news soon.
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