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  1. Great. I'm originally from CSC and their processing time is from 15-19.5 months. Right now they are working on July 2017 applicants. I just got the mail today that my case was transferred to Nebraska, and their processing times are even longer. 15-23.5 months and they are only working on May 2017 applicants. This is just so unfaair! I don't know whatever logic they are going through, but to prolong other people's anxiety, anguish... grrrr.. Sorry .. just had to vent.
  2. We just got the official mail today. My hisband told me that mine got tranferred to Nebraska too
  3. I just checked the website, the other day, my case status was not even reading, and now, it says that My Case Has Transferred and a different Office has New Jurisdiction. The question is should I be worried more now? or would this mean that it will be faster?
  4. Did you show them your expired greencard and the extension letter? I also transfered jobs just about a month ago. They also told me that they don't know about that, I told them that I can't help it the CSC is so slow. That's what the extension letter is for. They just photocopied my greencard and the letter then sent it to whatever department that screens new employees
  5. Received mine as well, last Saturday dated 11th of August. CSC Filer.
  6. ahhh that's why yours was different 😁 makes sense now ... nearly all of us came from the K1/CR1 visa. We started in the K1 / CR1 forums,and then AOS, and now 2 years later here again, and next year we will be seeing each other for the naturalization process 😁😁 Conratulations on your GC
  7. That's the only thing you need, the green card, the appointment letter, and a valid government issued ID to verify. During those days when we were applying for the greencard, I didn't have a driver's license yet, and my passport was expired as well, I just applied for a State Identification card which you can get at the DMV that way you'll have a government issued ID.
  8. When I saw the original post, I was going to say that I haven't left the US, and then I remembered that I did leave the US when my hubby and I had our church wedding in the Philippines, and when we went on our cruise about a year and a half ago. So this theory might be plausible. I do have a question though, since most of us February filers are getting our biometrics already (or lack of πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚), so does this mean that we are just waiting for the actual10 year green card? and then apply for our citizenship early next year?
  9. Yey! I've received my biometrics as well! Or should I say my non-appearance for biometrics appointment as they will be using my old prints as well. At this point, like most CSC filers, I don't mind that we are practically giving out extra money to the USCIS . I just want to get this over and done with! Plus not to mention, immigration always has a hard time getting my prints. The last time it took me about 15 minutes... on one hand alone! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. Just in case @starsky would want to include me in your table, I filed my I-797 Feb. 6, they received it Feb 08, and I received my NOA dated Feb.09, received it Feb. 12.
  10. Just checked my USCIS case file for CSC, and this popped out wherein before it just states "Fingerprint fee received". Anybody from CSC exleriencing this?
  11. If you've already been granted a greencard then you won't have any problems looking for work, as long as you are qualified for it. Have you tried checking job sites. All job sites I've seen have always included all criteria needed. It would just depend on your qualifications for it.
  12. I believe the @LinaHugo was asking for the receipt number. Our NOA1 receipt number starts with WAC (Not EAC - EAC was when we were applying for our GC). From reading other links, I gathered it was supposed to start with CRI but others' (from Dec and Jan filers) receipt number didn't change.
  13. I sent mine on the 6th of February via Registered Mail, I received my extension letter or I-797 Notice of Action For Remove Conditions the week after, dated 8th of February. It is now the 22nd, and am still waiting for the biometrics letter. Do let us know when you received yours.