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  1. workin4somethin

    travel into and out of Russia through third country(ies)

    Is there some other reason you might be concerned? Thank you for posting. We have flown several times through other countries, though these cities were flight itinerary stops between our U.S. and Russian destinations. My spouse thinks there could be a problem with a flight itinerary from Russia to Spain - for herself. She questions whether they will ask, during check-in, to see her documents to enter Spain. She will have only her Russian and U.S. passports.
  2. Planning a trip to Russia with spouse. I am U.S. citizen with Russian visa. Spouse is citizen of Russia and of U.S. We would like the following itinerary: 1 week in France; then, 2 weeks in Russia; followed by, 1 week in Spain. I understand there are no issues for us when entering or exiting Russia when traveling directly to and from the U.S., as we often do. And we can travel into and out of France and Spain on our U.S. passports. My question regards Russian entry and exit requirements when traveling through another country, such as France or Spain. Will there be any issues for either of us to speak of? (for those who have done this, who actually know the rules, or know where to find specifics)