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  1. I uploaded 3 bank statements. We have a daughter ; A living evidence
  2. Four years ago, I were same as you. Hang in there. You all will be ok.
  3. Final divorce decree will be enough. Who will keep previous marriage certificate
  4. I downloaded my tax return files from https://www.irs.gov/ and then I uploaded them so I didn't need to scan. I used primary evidence as Tax returns, Marriage certificate and my daughter's birth certificate. I used supporting evidence as whatever our names together in documents such as joint account bank statements, car titles, mortgage statements, home insurance , car insurances,utility bills, health insurance, life insurance and three family pictures.
  5. Yay.... Document online now. Boimetric scheduled on June 24.
  6. If you want to put your married name, you have to change your name on passport later.
  7. My documents size were big. I downsized them and no more problem. are your oversize?
  8. N400 June 2019 group (testing) feel free to edit
  9. I will wait for actual date . The local office is 2 hours drive from us.
  10. you already opened for June 2019 filers. I am sorry I didn't see your topic and opened a new one.
  11. I received biometrics appointment today too. Maybe they updated our account all same time. I don't know the date and time yet.
  12. For Tax return, I download them from IRS website and I scan other documents.
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