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  1. Well that's good to know.... Either way, we would have waited until Chris had the 10 year GC. Honestly, in this political climate, we would rather know we have 10 years then possibly gamble with citizenship at the same point as well. Now we can move forward, knowing we have time, with however long the BBG and N-400 take.
  2. Chris will not have to give up either, theoretically. We have to apply for something called a BBG, for people who retain ties to Germany, but have a need for another citizenship as well. So we have most of that paperwork together; as soon as the 10 year GC arrives we will send that packet out and begin that process...
  3. We have not. We need to get approval from Germany for dual citizenship first. We have already started compiling that paperwork, but they want to see the 10 year GC, so we had to wait...
  4. December 11, 2017 VSC filer. Woke up to this today Finger's crossed that this thread starts to fill up with approvals!
  5. It's the most recent on the site, from 11/21/2016 (how is that the most recent?!?!). I just sort of feel like this is a trick....
  6. So, we're beginning the document gathering process ahead of filing for the BBG (Germans...) and the N-400. In the current instructions it says: Am I reading it correctly that if we send IRS Tax Transcripts they do not actually want joint bank account info, etc, like we needed to send fo ROC? Thanks!!!
  7. Ours is the same as the 12 month notice, including the letterhead.
  8. Just his expired GC. The machine did tell him he had to present his documents to an officer, but at JFK there is one right there dedicated to GE. From what I saw all GC holders were required to present their documents to an officer, but it was literally an extra minute. No line, nothing.
  9. Sorry it took me so long to respond, we were actually in Germany. Chris was fully and totally approved. We used the Global Entry kiosk at JFK airport yesterday with no issues.
  10. Thank you for the information, but we are familiar with the process. If you read the section of divorce you can see that they don't process certified copies, which the DMV needs, for 1989, and they don't certify whether or not the divorce was completed. In San Diego County, you can only request a file from the microfilm archive by mail or in person. If you do it by mail, they will only provide the short form version which does not include the final and full decree if it contains information about minor children (which it did). You must go, in person, with ID proving that you are one of the spouses, to obtain a full certified copy. The processing time for archived files is about 6 months. By the time my mother moved here, went to the DMV, was sent back home twice for other things proving her name, was finally told they would not do it without a certified copy of the divorce decree, requested the divorce decree, waited 6 months to receive it, sent it back to Sacramento for certification, went back to the DMV, only to find out they don't accept the short form, and called San Diego again, she was having serious sinus problems and could not fly. She will have surgery next month to correct the problem and, after she recovers, will finally be able to go retrieve it. I expect that by that point they will have changed the rules and want something else... Seriously, it's not always straightforward even if you are a USC... I learned from her and got about 10 certified copies of my long and short form marriage certificates just in case. And two with apostilles for good measure. Other vital records are easier. I was able to get a certified copies of my birth certificate from California for the K-1, marriage, AOS, BBG (German only issue, its a certificate that allows Chris to obtain dual citizenship rather than losing his German citizenship), in about a week. I was also able to include a letter, two addressed and stamped envelopes, and two checks to have vital records send them over to get an apostille on the one I needed for Germany before they sent them back to me. No hassle ot stress.
  11. I give up even trying to understand the NY DMV... Chris had no issues getting anything from them. We had his social security card, his greencard, one bill from ConEd, a bank statement, our marriage certificate, and his passport. They either did not notice or did not care this his social security card does still have the "only valid with DHS work authorization" line. Done and out. Easy. My mother, on the other hand, has been divorced since 1989 and they will not let her use her maiden name until she gets an official divorce decree from California, which she cannot get until she goes there again despite the fact that her social, California DL, bank accounts, credit cards, passport, etc, are all in her maiden name, and have been since 1989. She basically cannot show her NY DL and her passport at the same time because they have different last names. So, if you ever changed your name, seriously, ever, bring the official documents for that in NY... I should mention that she is from NY, so her social showed her married name in the system. She has been fighting this since she moved back from CA in 2014. Our closest office is White Plains as we live in an out of the way village. It's entirely possible that they do not know what they are doing. It worked out for Chris, not so much for my mom.
  12. Make sure you get your social security card first because they do require that.
  13. That's really odd. We're also in NY. I just checked my husband's because I had never noticed a line like that before and he doesn't have one. It was issued 14 days after we received his 2 year GC and is valid for the full term.