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  1. Did you schedule an infopass appointment or walk-in? The offices in my area no longer allow online scheduling or walk-ins, so I'm guessing I'd have to call USCIS and request an appointment.
  2. Are you applying for an adjustment of status from a K-1 visa (i.e. you do not have your two year green card yet) or applying for a removal of conditions (you have a two year green card that is about to expire)? The period of evidence you need to provide is contingent on that and how much evidence you have already submitted.
  3. Just wanted to post an update and close the loop - I actually ended up finding my green card (now expired) and got my NOA in a timely manner. :)
  4. Just wanted to say hello and wish everyone good luck! Since my green card expired, I've been irrationally anxious even though I have the NOA (18-month extension). These forums are comforting! There's just something reassuring/"official" about having an unexpired card or a stamp in your passport. A friend with a pending I-751 recently returned from vacation in a non-English speaking country. The immigration officer there was confused by the NOA and made a huge fuss about the expired green card. This is discouraging me even though I know it's safe to travel. Given the long wait for I-751 approvals, I'll just have to take a leap of faith!
  5. Thank you! Do you think I might have any luck requesting the I-551 stamp before receiving the NOA? I have copies of my lost green card and proof that my I-751 application was delivered, but lacking concrete proof of residence makes me antsy.
  6. I realize that there have been similar, older posts but I wanted to start a new thread given changes under the current administration. I recently filed my I-751 application and am still waiting for my NOA. I lost my green card, which expires in May 2019. I just renewed my foreign passport from inside the USA, so it has no evidence of travel or entry into the USA. I do not intend to travel outside the USA anytime soon. I see the following options and would appreciate advice on next steps: File I-90 (Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card): According to the USCIS website (https://www.uscis.gov/i-90), you should not do this if you are seeking to remove conditions. That does not really describe my situation. Even if I can file the I-90, does it make sense since my card is likely to expire before USCIS takes action (looking at current processing times)? Request I-551 stamp (ADIT): I have heard that USCIS may refuse to stamp your passport if your 18-month extension letter/NOA has not expired. However, I think the NOA is only a valid proof of residence if accompanied by an expired green card. Do I need the NOA before I can try to get the stamp? Would I have to pay the $455 filing fee for a lost green card? Field offices nearby no longer offer online InfoPass appointments or walk-ins. I know the current administration is trying to scale back USCIS services. Hopefully I can call the NCSC to schedule an appointment for a I-551 at a local office and that these offices have not eliminated I-551 services. While we are on this topic, suppose I have to file the I-90 and am issued a copy of my existing green card. If I lose this card after it expires (hopefully this will never happen again!), would I have to file the I-90 again or would I request the I-551? Thank you!
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