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  1. naijaboy007

    F1 Visa Sponsor needs Urgent Advice.

    I appreciate the comments. I will definitely provide proof of income and bank statements. Thanks y'all ...
  2. Hello, I am a US sponsoring my brother for an F1 student visa. He has been accepted to a regionally accredited uni for his MBA program. His interview at the US embassy in Nigeria is a few weeks from now. 1. As the sponsor which documents should I submit? 2.Does the embassy have the AUTHORITY to pull up my bank accounts to see how much I have? I have a letter from my bank stating my financial solvency. Will that letter suffice as proof that I will be able to support him financially or do I need to send more documents? 3. What documents does he need to provide? I already sent him the i-20. 4. I am also in the military, I don't know if there are other documents that I should provide from my job to facilitate the process .. Thanks