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  1. Ah, got it. As I said, didn't know there was a trigger for 5-years under 212(a)(7). Turns out, I was wrong.
  2. My point is that the OP's source of delusion is lack of understanding of the code and how it relates to the case. The denied entry was under 212(a)(7). He seems to think that the bar is under 212(a)(7) and thinks that 212(k) applies to her. I am explaining that that part of the code has absolutely nothing to do with a 5 year bar. Before they run to file an I-601, they should find out the specific reason why she's under the 5 year bar. There is a chance that the guy at CBP told her he was placing her under a bar to scare her, but didn't make any finding of misrepresentation and she's actually not subject to any bar. It's also possible that someone is lying and she had an order of removal on her which is the origin of the 5 year bar (I thought there was 3 and 10yr bars, didn't know there was a 5 year bar).
  3. There seems to be a massive misunderstanding on your part about the law. The 212(a)(7) is about immigrants at port of entry that lack proper documentation (either a passport or an immigration visa). The 212(k) waiver is for people that have an immigration visa but don't have the passport on them. Denial of entry under 212(a)(7) shouldn't trigger any 5-year bar. If you have a piece of paper saying that she's under a 5-year bar under 212(a)(7), get a lawyer.
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