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  1. A friend of mine received the same thing. I filed for my husband’s ROC 10 months before her and she told me she reveiced her green card without the conditional status. If i remember correctly, i saw an announcement in the uscis website saying that it was an error on their part and that they these cards need to be returned for correction.
  2. My husband received his approval notice yesterday. When I checked the old uscis site, it showed that the his card was picked up by USPS. According to the tracking status, he will receive it tomorrow! 😊😊😊. I’m so happy for him, we were woried why it was taking so long and even thought we might get called for an interview again (once was enough, it was nerve wracking to go for an interview for his AOS) when others have already received theirs. I wish everyone well for those who are still waiting to for their card. I hope everyone receives their card soon.
  3. Hi Everyone, I just checked my husband's ROI status and it still shows Case was received as of 1/24/2018. I am getting worried that something is wrong with what we submitted because there are some people here who have submitted after us have already received their green card . My husband's receipt number is WAC180795****
  4. Two days after signing up for a new account in the new USCIS website, I am finally able to see my husband's case status. It still shows case was received on January 24, 2018. I hope to see that his ROC status will be approved soon. His WAC is 180795, i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. it's the same for me. I created a new account this morning and I still get the same error message.
  6. We filed in CSC in January, we received his extension letter yesterday dated Aug. 11.