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  1. Congrats everyone! I believe I've figured out why my scheduled oath on July 6th was cancelled. I'm requesting a name change and perhaps a judge wasn't available to conduct the oath. Someone on the facebook group with a name change in Houston had mentioned that their ceremony was conducted by a Judge on June 25th and was strictly for name change applicants. Anyone with a name change still waiting for their oath to be scheduled?
  2. Finally got hold of a person on the phone this morning but he didn't have any helpful information. He basically said that each field office is handling their own scheduling in a different way and that it was most likely an issue with the unavailability of the day I was scheduled for. I did have a separate update at the same time as the cancellation saying I was placed in-line so I'm back to waiting again *sigh*
  3. Just got an update now that my oath ceremony has been cancelled! Then another update saying that I was placed back in-line. I can not describe my frustration right now. 😭
  4. I thought we needed to update our citizenship status for the driver’s license so that you can be eligible for online renewal, online change of address etc. I’m getting a name change so I have to update my drivers license.
  5. @starsky @SCCH have y'all visited the social security office yet to update your citizenship status? I don't see where I can make an appointment online. What about the DPS? I know passports are taking forever now so I wanted to make that my last step since I'll have to mail in the original naturalization certificate.
  6. Got an update at 6:45AM this morning (as @dwheels76 guessed). Date is Monday July 6th! The update came as both an SMS & email notification directing me to visit my account at my.uscis.gov The notice was under documents as usual.
  7. ok y'all I'm jumping onto the next step now. Has anyone been able to apply for a passport in Houston post COVID? I'm not able to find any open application centers
  8. haha my update showed up as an SMS only! no email yet. No update on https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ I was only able to see it on https://egov.uscis.gov/
  9. @dwheels76 How far out have the notices been from oath dates for all the recent (COVID) oaths?
  10. MY OATH CEREMONY HAS BEEN SCHEDULED WOOOOHOOOO!!! My N-400 interview was attended on March 2nd but was not approved until March 31st. (Due to quality review). I'll update you guys once the notice is uploaded online. Sooo excited!
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