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    OUR TIME LINE:<br />5-19-06: I-130 mailed<br />5-22-06: CSC received<br />6-3-06: NOA1 email<br />6-5-06: NOA1 by mail<br />6-7-06: touched<br />8-30-06: NOA2 uscis email I-130 APPROVED!!<br />8-31-06: NOA2 recieved by mail<br />9-15-06: NVC case # assigned<br />9-25-06: NVC GS3032 Form generated & AOS Bill mailed<br />9-25-06: Email sent to NVC for Choice of Agent<br />9-27-06: Mailed AOS Fee to NVC<br />9-29-06: AOS Fee Received<br />10-02-06: Received AOS Bill & Choice of Agent forms in mail<br />10-02-06: NVC Generated IV Bill<br />10-04-06: NVC Received AOS Bill, entered into system<br />10-04-06: NVC mailed IV Bill <br />10-12-06: Received IV Bill in mail<br />10-13-06: Next day air to NVC I-864 AOS Packet<br />10-14-06: IV Bill delivered <br />10-16-06: I-864 Packet delivered<br />10-22-06 TO 11-8-06: Visit Husband in Brazil for 2 weeks. <br />11-9-06: Mail DS 230 part 1 to NVC (Next day)<br />12-13-06: Case Complete!!<br />12-19-06: Sent to Consulate<br />12-9-06: Consualte Received Case<br />01-10-07: Called consulate. All clearances passed. Assigning interview date at the end of this week.<br />01-15-07: Emailed consulate for interview date info.<br />01-17-07: Received email from consulate about interview date (Feb 9)<br />01-18-07: Called consulate to confirm interview date of Feb 9. Affirmative.<br />02-06-07: Leave for Brasil!<br />02-09-07: Interview at Rio Consulate<br />02-12-07: VISA IN HAND! <br />02-14-07: Enter USA! POE Atalanta. Welcome Home, Roberto!

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    IR-1/CR-1 Visa
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    We met online (I think how most international relationships start) through a Mormon dating website, in December. I can never remember the date, but Roberto always does. (He's a good guy.) I was originally looking for people to practice my Portuguese with since I was planning a trip with my best friend Michael. But Roberto caught my eye...so we started talking, then I called nearly every day...and fell in love. I changed my trip plans, and went to meet him. I spent nearly 2 weeks with him, and Roberto and I were engaged at the end! I didn't need anymore time to know how much i loved him, or how right we were for each other. So, now, we're getting married! April 26th, in the LDS Recife Temple. Oh, and he propsed to me while we were playing the in ocean! It was the best, most romantic proposal ever!
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