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  1. For starter, I am the petitioner, petitioning my wife to come here. Nearly 7 months after I filed the initial I-130, I received a letter today that USCIS wants me to submit evidence showing that the Chinese name I used and the name I use now are of the same person. For the record, I changed my name officially to the one I use now when I got naturalized back in 1996. In the initial I-130 package, I did submit my birth certificate along with my naturalization certificate. The only thing I can think of submitting in addition to the above 2 is the "certificate of attestation" which is a form we have in Taiwan showing my father/mother, along with where we lived in Taiwan. This form has my parents' names and my chinese name. I also have my old Taiwanese passport showing my original chinese name. Is this enough evidence? In the letter, it also states that relatives can write sworn statements that I indeed used my old name then changed to my new name during naturalization. Does anyone have examples of a sworn affidavits supporting name changes? thank you.