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  1. I have schedule for my ceremony. Got the letter a week ago or so. Now there's showing on my USPS informed delivery,I have mail coming today from USCIS Portland. I'm getting nervous.πŸ˜” Any idea what is it? Hopefully not cancellation 🀞
  2. Wow! Congratulations! Mine will be at 8am. Can't wait! Long journey is almost done for us!😁
  3. Hi Dhimas. My schedule finally showed in the documents tab. It would be the 21st of September at The Olympia Center.
  4. Same here.. I checked this morning and nothing in the document tab yet. Hopefully we'll see it tomorrow 😁 We might have same schedule for ceremony too..😁 keep me posted
  5. Don't know why it taking this long.. Mine will be one month tomorrow. I'm hoping that it won't take months.. My status still" my oath ceremony will be scheduled".
  6. Anyone here waiting for their oath ceremony to be scheduled? It's been a month since I did my interview in Portland, and it's approved same day. Didn't get a chance to take oath same day because the IO needs to talk to the supervisor first. I'm a little bit worried now. Thanks everyone
  7. Does anybody knows how long to get oath ceremony schedule? My field office is Seattle. But had my interview July 23 in Portland Oregon. Still shows"Oath ceremony will be scheduled".. I also wonder if they will schedule my ceremony in Seattle or Portland. Any similar experienced? Tia
  8. My case transferred in Portland. Had my interview 2 weeks ago. Didn't get approved right away,that's why I didn't get oath ceremony same day. I checked my status in the afternoon, it's approved and in line for oath. Still waiting for schedule until now. πŸ˜• I called uscis today, they said waiting for oath ceremony could take up to 90days. I also wonder if my oath will be in Portland or in Seattle. Gudluck with ur interview.
  9. Cool! I better check our mailbox everyday then!😁 Thanks and Congratulations again!πŸŽ‰
  10. Oh wow. That's my status after my interview in Portland on July 23. We placed u in line for oath ceremony.. It hasn't change yet to " we mailed your notice for oath ceremony ".. yours is fast! Can't wait to be done!😁 Reading your experience makes me feel more excited!lol
  11. Congratulations!!! I'm waiting for mine to be scheduled. How long did u wait for your oath ceremony after your interview? Thank you..
  12. Congratulations!!! I'm waiting for mine to be scheduled. How long did u wait for your oath ceremony after your interview? Thank you..
  13. Yup. I just really don't have idea how long they schedule for oath ceremony tho. I just know that Seattle and Portland do same day oath. Lol Had my interview in Portland, coz they transferred my case there. And decision cannot be made. When I checked in the afternoon,it changed to "my oath ceremony will be scheduled". Can't wait to get schedule sooner! Lol
  14. Oh ok. Mine still says "my oath ceremony will be scheduled".. my interview was on the 23rd of this month. Hoping that I won't have to wait longer for the schedule.😁 I can't wait to be done. Lol
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