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  1. Yes. I'm actually surprised. It would be short drive to Seattle than Portland,but no complain.😁
  2. So, my interview will be on July 23rd.. And it will be in Portland. Looks like they are serious about transferring other applications.. I wonder if Portland has same day oath?
  3. How many days til the letter shows in the document tab?
  4. Now that I received notice that they scheduled my interview, my worries started again. My situation is, I stayed in the Philippines for 10 months year 2017,coz my husband got disabled and I got short term disability from my work due to pregnancy complications.. Can't afford the rent here, and expenses, that's why we decided to stay in the Philippines to give birth, and my husband filed ss disability while we were there. We came back here when my son was 3 months old. And can't able to work yet. So I quit my work when we gets back. I'm worried that they will deny my application. Also, we decided to continue the petition of 2 kids in the Philippines and they finally got here in March 2018. I've read that if u have proof that u didn't intent to stay out of country for good, you'll be fine.. When we came back here, I was still employed, but I've quit the following month. I hope they will consider my reason.🀞
  5. Hope so..😁 The letter is not showing yet tho.😁 Hopefully I'll get the same date.🀞 I'll check the website tomorrow hopefully it will show..πŸ™
  6. I've checked the website now. And finally.. it shows there that they really scheduled my interview today.. yay!
  7. Congrats! I got notification from Case Tracker app earlier.. it says they scheduled my interview today, but when I logged in to their site, nothing changed. It still shows "we transferred your application to other uscis".. Is the Case tracker app accurate? 🀞 I hope it is. 🀞
  8. Congrats! I got notification from Case Tracker App..it shows they scheduled my interview today. But when I logged in to their website,nothing changed. It still shows "we transferred your application to other uscis ". I hope the case tracker app is accurate. 🀞
  9. Anyway, did u get a notification few days ago that says" We transferred your application to another uscis?
  10. Congrats! Hoping to get mine soon.🀞 keep us posted please. Thanks and gudluck..
  11. So, I heard from somebody that the Chicago office will process our n400 applications.. I thought Chicago office has more backlogs too?πŸ€” I wonder if it's true.πŸ€”
  12. No estimated wait time showing on mine tho.
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