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  1. Yes, I did and I already paid the fee as well. Just have to wait for his passport to be renewed in order to fill his application and get his police report. Good luck to you as well.
  2. Yes, I just paid the fee. Now I need to complete the application. Then he would get the interview date. My brother's passport is expired and he needs to renew before he gets the police report. No, his case was processed very fast at USCIS as well. It only took him a year to get approved. What does COC mean? God is great and we are thankful to him.
  3. Hey, so I got the paperwork for my brother to fill. I am excited but might need a lot of help from you guys. Did you get an email from NVC?
  4. Hey I got the same thing for my brother. What should I do his PD is 8/13/2012
  5. Hey Guys, Can someone tell me how to change an address online with NVC, I completely forgot, how to do that? My brother's PD is August 13, 2012 Thanks, Bushra
  6. Hey guys. My brother is for F2B with pd 8/2012, When do you guys think we will get any thing for him for NVC. I mean WL or so. We have not heard anything from NVC accept the first email with his case number for 5 year or 6 years ago. Hes from Pakistan and my mother who lives here applied for him. Please any insight would be highly appreciated. Thanks, Bushra
  7. Which one is the second chart? Bushra
  8. Did you got the welcome letter from NVC or not yet? My brother's PD is August 13, 2012 and we have gotten nothing yet. My mother as a GC holder applied for him. Please share if you got the welcome letter or not. Thank you, Bushra
  9. Which number should I call? Thank you,
  10. Hey guys, I have question for you? My mother has applied for my brother for FB2 his PD is August 13, 2012.. We just moved to Portland form Wisconsin. I have filled the form to "askNVC" how to update the address but have not heard anything back. What should I do and when would we get any letter or so for the NVC process? The fist and last email we have gotten from them, when they assign him the case number about 4 years ago... Please help me with the process guys. I will highly appreciate that. Bushra Congrats!!!! allset...