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  1. As others have said, you don't need a SSN. Here in NC they want it if you have it, but if you do not, you just have to explain (recent arrival from overseas is good explanation, obviously). In my case I had an SSN from having had J1 visa 20 years earlier, but it definitely wasn't required.
  2. I think he's referring to the UK rules - the UK says new arrivals have to quarantine in the UK for 14 days. Not sure whether this applies to transit... US CBP probably don't have a great grasp of the rules elsewhere.
  3. We didn't provide any conversation chat logs at all. They are certainly not a requirement. We had plenty of face to face time, had some facebook posts of things we'd done during these (often with family), as well as tickets, boarding passes, passport stamps etc. Chat logs aren't required and they aren't a great way of showing a genuine relationship (if you've ever watched Catfish, you'll know this already )
  4. Yes, its bad that the form asks for 5, even when you're filing on basis of 3 years. As others have done, I just documented trips within those 3 years (ie after I entered the US to marry on K1). Else I'd have the best part of the previous two years spent outside the US. You'd think they'd add a note on the form about this.
  5. If I have to do it remotely, then that's what I'll do. Just would have preferred a real ceremony and would be happy to wait if that was possible, I have quite a few US friends who have never been to one and wanted to come along.
  6. I hope I don't get forced to do oath remotely. I was looking forward to a proper ceremony, with social distancing.
  7. Its generally a good idea to include everything that you have in these cases. Provide a copy of each item of evidence, and on it note what it is eg "letter dated XXX from YYY hospital during my trip that confirms I attended with my fiance". Generally more evidence is good. I'd say some of the things you have (eg hospital letter) are unusual and that probably makes them good additional evidence. I'm not sure if the email to State Dept is that valuable unless they replied to it (as that's good confirmation you sent it). The general advice here about overloading on evidence only really kicks in when people include thousands of pages of chat logs (which doesn't prove a physical meeting) or when you've made numerous trips and decide to document them all in detail. So long as each bit of evidence is different, I think its worth including.
  8. My longest was around 2 months (I visited on ESTA so max would have been 3 months), but I made around 6 trips over an 18 month period (mostly around 3-4 weeks each) before and during the k1. But that's irrelevant. If you're intending visiting on tourist visa, staying 4 months, leaving, and then returning again on a tourist visa within a few months you might expect a problem on that next trip. A k1 has immigrant intent, so that isn't an issue - the whole point of the k1 is that you'll stay permanently in the US, so its an entirely different set of criteria they are looking at. Spending time with your fiance is positive for the k1, so long as there is no illegal overstay, working while on tourist visa etc. I've never seen anyone on this forum have problems at the k1 interview for spending too much time (legally) with their fiance - but I've seen a few (especially in high fraud countries like Ghana, Nigeria, etc) where a lack of time together was viewed negatively.
  9. Its not a risk at all for the interview. I made several trips before and during the k1 process. At my interview in London the lady interviewing me asked if we'd seen each other since we first met - I told her we'd both traveled to see each other several times, and that I'd nearly been denied entry once and that we decided to meet in Canada the next time as a result. She laughed. What more proof do you need of a genuine relationship? Surely its more suspicious if you're quite happy to spend months away from each other?
  10. This almost happened to me - I'd done a long trip a few months before (about 6-7 week trip) and then a few months later returned for one month, left for one month and then returned. CBP officer game me the "you're trying to live here on a tourist visa" argument. I did get in eventually, but my visits were much less frequent after that (even did one meet in Canada to avoid another US entry on my record). The irony is that when it comes to the K1 visa, far from being a negative on your record, these frequent or long trips are excellent evidence that you're a genuine k1 applicant with a genuine relationship.
  11. I think you have more evidence than many. Pictures together are good as they prove you've met at some point in time, and travel docs, visas etc are useful to show when that meeting was. You seem to have those bases covered - its surprising they sent the RFE. Its difficult for anyone to prove that they were together at a particular point of time - proving that I was in the same city as my other half doesn't prove we met, and a photo doesn't prove WHEN. But that's what most people have. The two combined should combine to be pretty persuasive. In my case I also submitted a photo taken at a tourist attraction that had the date and attraction branding printed onto the photo, so it did prove we were together on a specific date, but most people aren't going to have that. Photos at a particular event also help (eg if its at a football game and shows the 2 teams, have you have a ticket from that game). I'd submit the additional documents you have and you should be fine. I can't honestly think what else they could expect in terms of evidence.
  12. It sounds like you have more than enough evidence. Out of interest, what were the approx dates you traveled to and from the US? Are you close to the 2 year window (ie left US 1 year 11 months ago) or is it more comfortable? I was wondering whether they think there is a chance that your last meeting was outside of the 2 year window, even based on the dates of the documents submitted? If not, I can't think why they'd consider it insufficient, but hitting them with everything you have seems to a good response to the RFE.
  13. How did you pay? If its a check you can see if its been cashed, then you'll know that they received it. I imagine the entire process is going to be pretty much stalled for the next month or two at least.
  14. You probably don't need it, in most cases it will be waived as its difficult to obtain from UAE if you are non resident. I did manage to do it, process was: 1) Finger prints (at New Scotland Yard!) 2) Take these up to UK foreign office at milton keynes for a stamp 3) Take these to UAE embassy in London for their stamp. 4) I sent them to an Arabic speaking friend in UAE who took them to a government office there for another stamp (think it was foreign ministry, who verify the UAE embassy stamp from UK) 5) He then took them to Dubai Police station. Its a complicated process with the usual UAE problems of their officials not knowing the rules, or putting up silly obstacles (I had to keep writing my friend letters to say I was happy for him to act on my behalf, etc) So it can be done, but its complicated and that's why the USCIS will probably waive the requirement as they are recommended to do by their own guidance. The good thing is that once you have the certificate, its valid indefinitely for USCIS, assuming you don't return to the UAE (and therefore could not commit any crimes there)
  15. The chance of a summer wedding was probably minimal before the virus outbreak - k1s take time. I'd say there is almost zero chance now. Everything is shutting down here - airlines aren't flying, Government offices closing etc etc. Its a bummer but the Government is more concerned with trying to prevent people dying than ensuring you can get married on your desired date.
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