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  1. Hi, Long story short, we're trying to get my sister-in-law an expedited appointment at the Jamaica Embassy for a non-immigrant visa so she can come to the memorial service for her mom. As I understand in order to do that she has to fill out form DS-160 here and then make an appointment at the embassy site here . At some point we know we have to pay an fee for the expedited appointment, that's fine. Problem is Sister-in-law says she can't fill out the DS-160 form, keeps getting kicked from the site, I don't know why. She wants to use an agency to do the forms and arrange the appointment. Does anyone have experience with an agency in Jamaica that does this legitimately? Long story, I'm a U.S. citizen my wife is from Jamaica and immigrated over on a spouse visa. it took 2 years, will update Visa Journey profile eventually, this site was immensely helpful. Her mom was in the U.S. on H2B Visa when she was diagnosed with a terminal illness and eventually died in the U.S. We're trying to get her sister over for the service. She, the sister-in-law, has been denied a tourist visa several times. This time is different because she has a full-time job and we have the correct letter from the funeral home saying they are doing the service. We don't have the death certificate yet because state bureaucracy takes time. All we need is for her to fill out the DS-160 and get an appointment at the embassy.
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