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  1. Hi! Congratulations to those who passed their citizenship interviews and to those who are already US citizens! I submitted my N400 in August 2018 with pending I-751(July 2017). I initially got an interview schedule in May for an interview in June in Tampa, but I got a letter from Fort Myers Field Office correcting the letter that it would be in Fort Myers. They canceled that one, and I got another letter in June for my interview in Tampa on August 13. I will have my interview next week! I am nervous and excited at the same time. I was worrying that they would cancel it again or it was a wrong field office, but I saw this thread. I was relieved that others are also going to Tampa. How did it go for those with pending I-751? My interview is at 7:00 AM. Was there anyone who had his that early, too? Thank you to those who shared their interview experience.
  2. Hi, everyone! I hope you are all doing well! :) I will have my N400 interview next week. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I still don't have my 10 year GC, so hopefully I will have a combo interview. I had a previous interview schedule in June, but they canceled it. This time, my interview will be in a different field office. Any news on those with pending I-751 and N400 interview?
  3. I'm a CSC July 27, 2017 filer-WAC 17296. The last update was on March 5, 2018-Case was received at my local office. Most of the cases before and after me were already approved. N-400-NOA1-08/14 and biometrics on 09/07 Has anyone who filed for citizenship got his I-751 approval(without the combo interview)? My friend who is an August filer (CSC) got her 10 year GC almost a month ago-no N-400. I wonder if the N-400 delays the ROC. At least 3 months have already passed since I submitted my N-400. It's just nice to be done with the ROC. Congratulations to everyone who already got approved! For all of us who are still waiting-let's hang in there.
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