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  1. You have to submit the documents for financial support (I-864) at the NVC stage after the I-130 will have been approved. This link is quite helpful to get an overview: http://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/step-1-submit-a-petition/affidavit-of-support.html However, you should already submit any evidence that proves your relationship now together with your online petition.
  2. Luckily, that's a fairly easy and fast process in Germany. You just go to the local city hall (Rathaus) and its residents' registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt), fill out a form and prove your residency by means of a lease/owned property. Then you'll immediately get a certificate of residence. Maybe takes 15 minutes total
  3. Wow! Congrats, guys! Thanks for the update and that was super fast! So happy for you and good luck on the rest of your visa journey.
  4. You can't do anything but wait. I read in a different thread that they are processing early December receipt dates for K-1 right now.
  5. He's right though. This is the table showing the processing times of form I-130 for NSC.
  6. It sounds like you need to wait for NOA1 to be physically mailed to you.
  7. Oh I did, but "even if you abandoned your status here so just coming back with that won't work" made it sound as if it wasn't possible at all
  8. Sure, but it still proves that your statement was incorrect and that it is possible, which might still be useful information to others. Yes, I actually had to, but was approved within 24 hours or so.
  9. Not true. I abandoned my GC, live overseas with my husband and was able to visit family in the US (together with him) under the VWP. No hassle or questions asked by CBP whatsoever.
  10. I haven't seen how that's possible after submitting the petition.
  11. It's been so long, so I honestly don't remember. But I think back in 2015 you were advised to wait for 2 months until you should contact your local office. I know it's super annoying! I needed my SSN to open up my own bank account, get a DL and start working.
  12. Even long since before COVID I didn't receive my SSN card after 2 months upon arrival (had checked the box on the DS-260 form, too). We just had to go to our local office and apply for it in person since I was also offered a job. The whole process took very long (inlcuding the wait at the office) and I'd suggest your husband bring as much proof of identity as he can (passport, birth certificate, ID card, etc.). It took another 2-3 weeks to get the card in the mail, but nowadays it's different with the pandemic and snow storm, of course. Good luck!
  13. It's actually good for 6 months after your medical exam
  14. You shouldn't post your birth certificate or any sensitive information due to possible identity theft on such a public forum 🙈
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