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  1. I submitted screenshots of chats via whatsapp for each month for the past two years; it was a total of 130 pages. I submitted thinking that it would serve as ‘proof of relationship/proof of ongoing relationship’.
  2. Hi all, I got a text message from USCIS that my case was received and was given a receipt number. When I check online in my uscis account there isnt any information/no status, just the receipt number is visible. Also, on uscis website case status says the receipt number is invalid. Any ideas why? Maybe its not put into their system yet?
  3. what does this mean? “please review the relevant form instructions to determine if your new filing can be considered as timely filed.” I also got a green sheet of paper that says: (System wont let me attach a photo) “We have rejected your benefit request for the reasons indicated on Form I-797C, Notice of Action. Your rejected benefit request will not retain a filing date. You may resubmit your benefit request as a new filing if you are able to correct the issue that caused the rejection. If you do file the benefit request again, please note the following: - since your submission was rejected, it is not yet considered properly filed. - you must meet all requirements as of the date of the nee filing. - please review the relevant form instructions to determine if your new filing can be considered as timely filed. If you do submit your benefit request again, please enclose this letter with your submission. Place this letter on top of your new filing package”
  4. Yup. All correct. Thank you. should i reapply and submit a new i129f or send the same petition?
  5. Its an official name change. My parents did so when i was a child. This is not my first time i have filled petitions. I have filed i130 and n400 for myself and i130 sponsoring my mom. I have always filed like this because i have an offical name change document and never came across an issue with it. Also, i provided my name change document with my current perition
  6. Yes i have double triple checked. My name matches my passport and naturalization certificate. so i am completely confused. I even had family members check too.
  7. Thank you so much for your reply! Can i also request my original file date as my priority date? Anyone have an idea?
  8. Hi all, I applied for i-129f and received a rejection notice, but I believe it is an error; what should I do!?! I prepared the i-129f. I mailed it with a cover letter, bank check and all necessary documents. My packet was delivered on June 27th. It was processed the same day. About a week later, got a rejection notice with the entire packet returned with instructions to refile completely and correctly. I attached the rejection notice and first page of thee petition (this page was rejected) here. It says a section was not completed, my family name, on page 1 of the petition. I am going crazy because I have not left blank my last name, given name or middle name nor did i misspell the names on the petition. I am so confused. What do i do? can’t even call and speak to a representative about the matter. I emailed uscis to inquire, but no response yet. I am afraid if i reapply again exactly the same (because there is no error with names/spelling of names) that i may be rejected again. If anyone has any advice i would appreciate it.
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