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  1. Yeah I believe we were already gonna be approved due to the fact it only took 2 days for approval but our interviewer said there was questions about our address and they wanted to confirm who lived were since we had so many during the process lol. And because of our age difference. Our AOS interview was waived.
  2. True because they ask for the same information. All the paperwork I sent to them is the same documentation I took. We have been married 4 years now and it's on the up and up. No fraud but our of love for each other. I just feel how can their perception determine if my marriage is real or not. Unfortunately there are some who do and because of them we have to jump thru hoops to prove our marriage is real.
  3. That's great. Even though ours wasn't bad at all. Simple and to the point, I hear some arent that lucky.
  4. I read it on their website. Before the use to waive them if all was in order but I believe it said all applicants are now required to have an interview for ROC especially if your original one was waived for AOS and ours was.
  5. Yeah they were behind with the initial process for ROC. We g ou t to extension notifications. But the actual interview which they say is now required for all I751 was gonna be another 20 to 60 days before we knew anything. But the status was updated just 2 days after the interview. Glad its finally over. 😊
  6. My husband and I attended our Interview at the San Antonio Texas office. No questions other than how we met and verifying our address as we have moved a few times. After interview we were told it would be 30 to 60 days before hearing anything and yesterday evening I checked the status and it had already changed to Card being produced. Anyone else have that quick of a turn around?
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